Technology Validation Agreements (TVAs)

It is not uncommon for an industry sponsor to request validation of the capabilities of an existing University technology before investing time and money into a patent license based on the technology.  The UT Austin – Technology Validation Agreement provides the means of performing this evaluation.

A TVA is a combination of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and a validation plan.  Industry sponsors pay a flat fee for University inventors to make an initial determination as to whether a particular University technology may be applicable to the Sponsor’s product or equipment capability.

Given positive results from the TVA, the industry sponsor may decide to secure a license to the University technology and/or to enter into a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) to explore the possibility of further developing the existing technology.

Contact a Licensing Specialist at the Office of Technology Commercialization about how to initiate a TVA or discuss its application to a specific University technology, or contact the   Office of Industry Engagement for general information.

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