Non-Negotiated Awards Constituency List

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Non-Negotiated Coordinators by Department
Research Unit
OSP Representative
Advanced Manufacturing CenterSarah
Advanced Technology, Institute forSarah
Aeromechanics Research, Center forSarah
Aerospace EngineeringSarah
American History, Center forBob
Applied Research LabLabrisha
Artifical Intelligence LabSarah
Asian Studies, Department ofBob
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Center forSarah
Biomedical EngineeringSarah
Blanton Museum of ArtBob
Bureau of Economic GeologySarah
Cain Center for NursingBob
Cellular and Molecular Biology, Institute forSarah
Chemical EngineeringBob
Chemistry and BiochemistryBob
Civic Participation, Annette Strauss Institute forBob
Civil EngineeringSarah
Classical Archeology, Instititue forBob
Communication Sciences & DisordersBob
Communication StudiesBob
Complex Quantum Systems, The Center for (formerly the Ilya Prigogine Center for Studies in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Systems)Bob
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Center forSarah
Computational Engineering and Sciences, Institute forSarah
Computer Engineering Research CenterSarah
Computer SciencesSarah
Construction Industry InstituteSarah
Construction Industry Studies, Center forSarah
Construction Materials Research GroupSarah
Culture Collection of AlgaeSarah
Curriculum and InstructionBob
Dana CenterBob
Diversity and Community Engagement, Division ofBob
Educational AdministrationBob
Educational PsychologyBob
Electrical & Computer EngineeringSarah
Electrochemistry, Center forBob
Electromechanics (CEM), Center forSarah
Energy and Environmental Resources (CEER), Center forSarah
Environmental Scence InstituteSarah
Ferguson Structural Engineering LaboratorySarah
Fusion Research CenterBob
Fusion Studies, Institute forBob
Geological SciencesSarah
Geology FoundationSarah
Geophysics, Institute forSarah
Geotech Engineering CenterSarah
Germanic StudiesBob
Green Chemistry and Catalysis , Center forBob
Human EcologyBob
Humanities InstituteBob
Humanities Reseach Center, Harry RansomBob
Imaging Research CenterBob
Information Security, Center forSarah
Instructional Innovation and Assessment, Division ofBob
Integrative BiologySarah
International Business Education and Research, Center forBob
International Energy and Environmental Policy, Center forSarah
K-12 Ed CtrBob
Kinesiology & Health EducationBob
KUT RadioSarah
Latin American Studies, Teresa Lozano Long Institute ofBob
LBJ School for Public AffairsBob
Learning & Memory, Center forSarah
Learning Technology CenterBob
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology ServicesBob
Marine Science InstituteBob
Materials Chemistry, Center forBob
Materials Science and EngineeringBob
McDonald ObservatoryBob
Mechanical EngineeringSarah
Mechanics of Solids, Structures, and Materials, Center forSarah
Microelectronic Research Center (MER)Sarah
Middle Eastern StudiesBob
Middle Eastern Studies, Center forBob
Molecular and Cellular Toxicology, Center forSarah
Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology, Section ofSarah
Molecular Genetics and MicrobiologySarah
Nano and Molecular Science and Technology, Center forBob
Natural Sciences, College ofBob
Neuroscience, Institute forSarah
Nonlinear Dynamics, Center forBob
Nuclear Engineering Teaching LaboratorySarah
Nursing, School ofBob
Nutritional Sciences, Department ofBob
Offshore Technology Research CenterSarah
Particles and Fields, Center for Bob
Perceptual Systems, Center forSarah
Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering, Center forSarah
Plant Resources CenterBob
Population Research CenterBob
Professional Development CenterBob
Ray Marshall Center Bob
Reading & Language ArtsBob
Relativity, Center forBob
Rhetoric and Writing, Department ofBob
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Center forBob
Sam Rayburn Library Bob
Science Education CenterBob
Social Work Research/Social work, Center forBob
South Asian InstituteBob
Space Research, Center forBob
Spanish & PortugueseBob
Special EducationBob
Strategic Analysis, Center forBob
Structural Biology, Center forSarah
Systems and Synthetic Biology, Center forSarah
Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) Sarah
Texas Language Technology CenterBob
Texas Materials InstituteSarah
Texas Memorial MuseumBob
Texas University Affiliated ProgramBob
Theoretical Chemistry, Institute forBob
Transportation Research, Center forSarah
University Charter SchoolBob
University Interscholastic LeagueBob
University PressBob
UT ElementaryBob
Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction ResearchBob
Water Resources, Center for Research inSarah
Wildflower CenterBob
Wineberg Theory GroupBob
Wireless Networking & Communications GroupSarah

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