Section 8: Proposal Application and Routing and Submission

8.1 The Proposal Review Form (PRF)

To start on the path of submitting an application to a sponsor, you should create the Proposal Review Form (PRF) in the Research Management System (RMS) which alerts OSP of your PI's intent to submit a proposal application. The PRF collects a set of federally mandated and descriptive information about the PI's research project and is required by OSP. Even if you have to prepare a hard copy of the proposal application according to the sponsor instructions, OSP requires submission of the PRF electronically through RMS.

Once the PRF (and any PDF, text or Adobe attachments) is submitted to OSP, the PI and Departmental Administrator are "locked out" of it. But if you need to work on the proposal or need to upload information (budgets, supporting documentation) in the RMS system, just request "return access" of the proposal from OSP in the "Remarks" section of the PRF. Once you have finished uploading documents and are ready to submit the proposal to OSP for review, click the submit button. Your PRF is forwarded to OSP letting them know that the proposal is ready for review.

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8.2 OSP Submission Deadlines for Proposal Applications

Please allow at least four business days for OSP to review the proposal application prior to the sponsor's submission deadline.  In the case of busy submission times, OSP may set an early internal deadline to handle the high volume of proposal applications anticipated. These early deadlines will be posted as a Spotlight on the OSP Web page, and announced in the Research Administrator Network (RAN) listserv, and in the Research Alert.

If your PI submits a proposal application at the last minute, OSP personnel may not have sufficient time to conduct a thorough review. OSP staff will make every effort to submit the proposal application to the sponsor by their deadline, however, in these cases, it will be designated as a "limited review." Submitting a proposal application late will not circumvent a full review by OSP proposal specialists. After submission to the sponsor occurs, OSP will conduct a thorough review of the proposal application and reserves the right to withdraw it from consideration by the sponsor, if necessary.

Please note: When the sponsor decides to award funding, OSP staff will review the terms and conditions of the award again and reserves the right to reject an award for a non-compliance with federal, state, and university requirements.

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8.3 What to Expect After Submission to OSP

When the proposal application has been submitted to OSP, the assigned proposal specialist will review it for completeness and accuracy. (S)he may contact you or the PI about any missing information or necessary clarifications, budget adjustments, or any other questions that come up during the proposal review process. When the review is completed and approved, the UT Austin authorized official will submit it to the sponsor agency.

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8.4 What to Expect After Submission to the Sponsor

If your PI is fortunate (s)he is notified that the proposed research project has been awarded funding by the sponsor. The PI (and OSP) will receive a notice of grant award (NGA) confirming the terms and conditions and the approved budgeted amount for the research project. Depending upon the source of the funding and the specific legal obligations contained in the terms and conditions, it may be necessary for significant issues to be negotiated and resolved prior to OSP signing off and accepting the award on behalf of the university and prior to the PI being able to spend the funds.

When a research project has been awarded funds by a sponsor, the post-award administrative process begins. This process involves a review of the award document by OSP staff, negotiation of the terms and conditions associated with accepting the funds, establishing accounts, spending the funds in accordance with federal regulations, and tracking, monitoring and reporting on project progress and financial expenditures. More information regarding the post administrative phase is in development and should be available soon.

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