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UT Instructions for ARPA-E Funding Opportunity Announcement

The ARPA-E Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) can be viewed through DE-FOA-0000065, CFDA Number: 81.135, which is available at:

Concept Papers are a necessary condition to submitting a full proposal and these papers can be submitted starting May 12 and ending June 2.  Dr. Raymond Orbach ( ) advised the faculty on Tuesday, May 5 to submit the Concept Papers as close to the initial submit date as possible. The Concept Paper guidelines  describe the expectation that 20% cost sharing will be required for proposals.  The Office of Sponsored Projects is advising that “Since the cost sharing commitments for the Concept Papers are non-binding, we will not require cost sharing documentation at this stage.”  Therefore, there is no need to arrange any cost sharing from your respective colleges/schools.

The Concept Papers must be formally submitted by OSP using FedConnect.  PIs should submit a Proposal Review Form as soon as possible and respect the normal 4 day deadline for submitting the materials that OSP needs for review and to preauthorize.

Also, the PIs will need to sign into the website to submit their coversheet for the concept paper. This coversheet will email the PI a control number for them to put on the concept paper. This is on page 14 of the guidelines.