Cayuse 424 Webinar Schedule

The webinars include a long distance number, but it is not necessary to dial in if you have speakers connected to your computer. You will be unable to talk with attendees during these presentations, so we encourage you to listen through your computer.

Getting Started with Cayuse 424

This webinar will cover the fundamentals of the Cayuse 424 software, including navigation, retrieving opportunities, and starting a new proposal. New users will find this information useful.

Tuesday, January 7th @ 10:00AM Pacific Time (1:00PM Eastern Time):

Subawards in Cayuse 424 &

This webinar will cover how to prepare and import subawards in Cayuse 424. We will also discuss how to prepare and export subawards from New users will find the information useful. This webinar is also open to those who are not currently Cayuse 424 customers but who have been asked to use by another institution.

Wednesday, January 8th @ 10:00AM Pacific Time (1:00PM Eastern Time):