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OSP Internal deadline for NIH Recovery Act: Challenge Grants is April 20, 2009

OSP is expecting higher than usual volumes for the NIH April 27th deadline for the Recovery Act: Challenge Grants.

Please submit a Proposal Review Form via the Research Management System ( before April 20, 2009.

Proposals must be submitted via Cayuse. If you do not have a Cayuse account please contact OSP immediately to issue one (

Required Items needed for approval:

  1. Abstract/Project Summary
  2. Final Budget
  3. Final Budget Justification/Narrative
    • Consultants - If consultants are listed on your budget (even if they are unpaid) a letter of commitment is required.
    • Cost Share - If your budget includes cost share please include an Internal cost share form or signed commitment letter from the party committing the funds.
    • Subcontracts - If your budget includes a subcontract OSP requires from your subcontractor institution's authorized official:
      1. a signed letter of commitment referencing:
        1. their principal investigator
        2. the project title
        3. the amount of proposed budget
      2. Subcontracor's approved budget and budget justification
      3. Subcontractor's approved institutional specific statement of work

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please allow OSP to submit your final proposal to NIH one day to two days early. is expecting very high volumes and tends to jam up or run slow. Because of this, OSP cannot guarantee that your proposal will be submitted before the 5:00pm deadline should you wait to give OSP permission to submit until the day of.