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NHARP Pre-proposals Deadline

REMINDER: OSP Internal deadline for Pre-proposals under the Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is Thursday, September 3rd.

OSP is expecting higher than usual volumes for the September 15th ARP deadline for pre-proposals and has set an internal deadline of Thursday, September 3rd by 5pm.

To notify OSP of your intent to participate in the program, please submit a Proposal Review Form as soon as possible via the Research Management System.

If you are not already registered on the NHARP (formerly known as ARP/ATP) site, please do so immediately. Guidelines for registration and pre-proposal submission can be found at

Items required for OSP review and submission:

OSP received over 300 pre-proposals for the last round for the NHARPs. We guarantee submission of all completed proposals provided to OSP by the 3rd. However, if your completed proposal is not received by OSP by the 3rd we cannot guarantee that your proposal will be reviewed and submitted; they will be processed in the order in which they are received.