Archival Disclaimer:

Information contained on this page is outdated and is maintained solely for archival purposes. For current information, search OSPís site: If you do not find what you need, send a detailed information request to

OSP Internal deadline for
Oct 1 NSF proposals is September 24, 2008
Oct 5 NIH proposals is September 29, 2008

OSP is expecting higher than usual volumes for the Oct 1 NSF deadline and Oct 5 NH deadline. NSF currently has 22 solicitations due Oct 1.

Please submit a Proposal Review Form as soon as possible via the Research Management System (

Required Items needed for approval:

  1. Abstract/Project Summary

  2. Final Budget

  3. Final Budget Justification/Narrative
  • Consultants - If consultants are listed on your budget (even if they are unpaid) a letter of commitment is required.
  • Cost Share - If your budget includes cost share please include an Internal cost share form or signed commitment letter from the party committing the funds.
  • Subcontracts - If your budget includes a subcontract OSP requires from your subcontractor institution's authorized official:
    1. a signed letter of commitment referencing:
      • their principal investigator
      • the project title
      • the amount of proposed budget
    2. Approved budget and budget justification
    3. Approved institutional specific statement of work
  1. Solicitation/Guidelines - if you are responding to a request for proposal please provide the Opportunity Number, URL or upload the program announcement.

Note: Please allow OSP to submit your final proposal to the sponsor at least a day early. With the expected high volume FastLane and will be overloaded and slow, potentially causing proposals to be late.