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Revised PI Eligibiity Procedures

Announcement from Dr. Susan Wyatt Sedwick, Associate Vice President for Research and Director, Office of Sponsored Projects on August 11, 2011

The Office of Sponsored Projects is pleased to provide revised guidance for PI eligibility and procedures for requesting PI/Co-PI status for individuals not afforded PI status by virtue of their appointment. The new Research Title policy approved by the University provides PI status automatically for Research Associates. These will now be handled in the same manner as tenure track positions. You no longer need to request PI status for Research Associates.

We are also offering two options for multiple submission authorizations. For multiple submission authorizations, please note whether the individual’s status should require annual renewal or you can request that the status be self-renewing as long as the person is in the current position (does not require annual renewal). If you request the latter, it is the responsibility of the requesting department/center/college to inform OSP of any changes to that status. This should greatly reduce the number of annual requests and we hope this will be a welcome change in procedures.

We have also eliminated the need to provide a copy of the most recent curriculum vitae and a summary of the individual’s qualifications. The endorsement by the chair/dean/director making the request will suffice. In the near future, we hope to provide a web-based form to further simplify this process.

I welcome your feedback on these new procedures and suggestions for ways to improve any OSP process you feel needs to be revised or updated.