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Important Notice from OSP Regarding Grants.Gov Submissions

You must use CAYAUSE 424 to submit applications to unless CAYAUSE 424 does NOT support your agency's funding opportunity. continues to have major issues with no end in sight. As we anticipate an increasing volume of proposals associated with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) as well as ongoing deadlines, we must require that proposals in response to opportunities supported by Cayuse be submitted using Cayuse. We will make every effort to remind you when the Proposal Review Form is received but should a application be turned in using Adobe forms when the funding opportunity is available on Cayuse, OSP will return your proposal and request that you upload your proposal on Cayuse. The PowerPoint attachment has step-by-step instructions to view and update opportunities on Cayuse.

Cayuse currently supports over 90% of opportunities posted on including the ARRA opportunities. To find a full list of supported agencies please visit .

Cayuse is a valuable resource that minimizes the administrative time required for processing proposals, assists PIs in preparing the proposal as it checks for errors as you enter information, and maximizes OSP's efficiency in reviewing, submitting and validating the proposal. Your cooperation is appreciated.