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Information contained on this page is outdated and is maintained solely for archival purposes. For current information, search OSPís site: If you do not find what you need, send a detailed information request to

Upcoming Site Downtime

As you may already know, ITS has planned a number of outages during the holiday break to move some of its services to a new Data Center. During this time, you may experience service disruptions when you attempt to access sites hosted on

NOTE: During this time, you will be unable to access the OSP Website

RMS (Research Management System), the ARRA Reporting site and Effort Certification will remain online for the duration of the move. No outages are expected for these applications. 

If you experience a service disruption, please attempt to access the site at a later time. ITS will be working quickly to restore services during the transition.

Individuals will still be able to access sites not hosted at The University of Texas at Austin (i.e., FastLane, Commons,, Cayuse, etc.)

Major Services Not Impacted by the Move

To read the complete list of service disruptions, please visit:

To learn more about the New University Data Center, please visit: