NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Full details for the program can be found at

All proposals must be submitted as a single application from the University through either a paper submission or and are due by 4 PM on Wednesday, February 15. To accommodate other proposal deadlines that week, individual proposals must be processed through OSP by 5 PM on Wednesday, February 13.

OSP would appreciate your assistance. Please send this email to your faculty who might have students interested in applying for a SURF. Students must be undergraduates at a U.S. university or college with a scientific major, have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better (recommended), U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and are considering pursuing a graduate degree (M.S. or Ph.D.). Students with physics, material science, chemistry, applied mathematics, computer science, or engineering majors are always encouraged to apply. There may be research opportunities for students with other majors.

Students interested in applying must work with a faculty member who will submit the Proposal Review Form (PRF) through the Research Management System (RMS) ( along with copies of the student’s application packet (see guidelines for all information requested). The letters of recommendation to be included should contain information that helps the review committee make an informed decision about the student, such as why the student wants to participate in the SURF program in Gaithersburg, Maryland (or Boulder, Colorado) and what areas of NIST research interest the student. Students must have health insurance either through their family or as individuals so they must include a statement to that effect in their letter of intent. Please note: OSP will complete the forms for submission.

Please note that there are two NIST sites: 1) Gaithersburg, Maryland; and 2) Boulder, Colorado. Each site requires a distinctly different application. Students are encouraged to review research opportunities at both sites and select the most appropriate.

An application for one SURF program does not constitute an application for the other; thus, students need to ensure they are clear on the application to which program they are applying. If students want to apply to both, they can. In that instance, two distinct applications are required.

If students or faculty have any questions, please email