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Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program 2011

The following is a condensed version of the guidelines, with added UT requirements and FAQs.

Because the program has undergone a major revision, please visit the following link for the full guidelines:

Program Changes -- NEW for 2011

The application process is now a three-step procedure:

  1. NOTICE OF INTENT DEADLINE: September 1, 2011, 5:00 PM C.T.
  2. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 15, 2011, 5:00 PM C.T.
    • PRE-PROPOSAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 15, 2011, 5:00 PM C.T.
  3. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 15, 2011, 5:00 PM C.T.

1. Notice of Intent (REQUIRED to submit a pre-proposal)

The following information is due to no later than NOON September 1, 2011 (NO Proposal Review Form is required):

2. Pre-Proposals (Proposal review form required):

INTERNAL OSP DEADLINE for Pre-Proposals:  September 8, 2011


Make sure you are registered or your information is up-to-date at

Submission of a pre-proposal is required. Pre-proposals must be completed online and submitted electronically through the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). Principal Investigators must adhere to institution-specific internal deadlines for the completion of their proposals.

A pre-proposal shall contain:

A pre-proposal does not include a budget page; however it does include the total two-year funding amount requested.

Notes regarding the additional page:

One additional PDF page may be uploaded into the pre-proposal.  The additional page may be used for one diagram, formula, graph, picture, chart, etc. A figure would be similar to a figure in a hard-copy journal, and therefore could be a composite figure depicting, e.g., stages within a time sequence. A brief caption (maximum of 30 words) may be included. It is the responsibility of OSP to ensure that the rule for the separate PDF is followed sensibly. Reviewers have the option of not considering the extra page if instructions are not followed. Maximum size for the uploaded file is 3 MB.


INTERNAL OSP DEADLINE for FULL Proposals: December 8, 2011


FUNDING PERIOD: July 1, 2012 to August 31, 2014


Submission Method:

All proposals must be submitted electronically.  The online proposal submittal procedure and forms are on the website at under the investigators’ individual account.

When the proposal is complete, the investigator will click the “Send to OSP” button on the Proposal Preparation page.  This will change the proposal status to “Sent to OSP”.  The proposal is not submitted until the “Send to OSP” button is clicked and the proposal status changes to “Sent to OSP”.

After review and approval, OSP will click the “Submit to THECB” button on the NHARP electronic site. The proposal status will change to “Received”.  Electronic transfer through the Office of Sponsored Projects at the PI’s institution represents a signed submission of the proposal.

Proposal Format highlights:

  1. Cover page – this will automatically generate when the “Finalize Proposal” button is clicked.
  2. Description of Research Format – 8 page maximum, including tables and figures.  Text must be double-spaced.  Margins must be one inch on all four sides; type size must be at least 11-point.  Please refer to the guidelines for more information. 
  3. Biographical Sketch – Each participating investigator must upload his/her own resume.  Two-page max for each investigator. List all publications from the last two years. 
  4. Proposal Budget – the total project will be for two years only and may not be greater than the budget estimate presented in the related pre-proposal.

Capital Equipment:

  • Awards are not provided exclusively for equipment acquisition. However, requests may be made for equipment.
  • Capital equipment will be defined by the grantee institution.
  • Capital equipment included in project costs must be specifically listed and justified in the proposal.
  • Only capital equipment specifically listed in the approved capital equipment list may be purchased with grant funds.
  • Capital equipment may not be purchased after August 31, 2013, without prior THECB approval.

Prohibited Costs:

  • Faculty Salaries, including summer salaries.  A cost share form must be provided for each PI/Co-PI to track their contributed time.
  • Costs for construction or remodeling of facilities cannot be charged to award funds.
  • Indirect costs cannot be charged to award funds.
  • Scholarships, tuition, and stipends cannot be charged to award funds.
  • Public institutions cannot include fringe benefits in project costs. Fringe benefits for public institutions are paid from separate lines in their state appropriations.
  • Capital equipment cannot be charged to award funds unless it is specifically listed in the approved capital equipment list.
  • International travel cannot be charged to award funds.
  • Travel expense for consultants based outside the U.S. cannot be charged to award funds.
  • Visa application fees cannot be charged to award funds.
  1. Project summary – The summary should be in terms that the general public could understand and suitable for public release.  The project summary should be no longer than 3,500 characters in length.  Min font size of 11-point and should be single spaced.  The limit includes spaces, punctuation, html and special characters. 
  2. Groundwork: Record of Previous Research Sponsored by Another Source – This form indicates any external funding received, other than THECB support, related to the work described in the proposal.
  3. Record of Previous Coordinating Board -Sponsored Research – Complete one form for each THECB-sponsored ARP, ATP, TDT, or other research project for which the proposed PI served as the PI.
  4. Current Support for Research and Education – Provide requested information for the PI.  Upload an abstract from each project listed.  Include title, amount, and dates at the top of each abstract.
  5. Additional materials are limited to 8 pages.  Reviewers have the option of not considering this material.


When will I hear if I was selected to submit a full proposal?

Before or on November 10, 2011 at

Tuition Considerations

  1. Can I pay tuition separately, since this award does not provide such funds?

    Yes. If you or your department will pay for a student’s tuition, OSP requires a Cost-Share Recap form

  2. What do I do if I cannot pay tuition for students appointed to this award?

    Nothing is required if tuition is not provided to the student.

PI Salary

No salary is allowed, do I need to submit a cost share recap for the PI effort devoted to the project?

Yes. OSP will require a Cost-Share Recap form

Who submits the application?

The Office of Sponsored Projects will submit the applications directly to THECB

The instructions for the “Project Summary” indicate a limit of 3,500 characters. Is that with or without spaces?

The limit includes spaces, punctuation, html and special characters.