Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) Special Handling

The Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) requires special handling for students not employed by the University (employed by a third party such as a corporation, foundation, etc.), but with tuition paid from a sponsored project. To be eligible for this special handling provision of TRB from a sponsored project, the student must perform duties necessary to the scope of work of the sponsored program funding tuition.

Please follow the process below for individuals who are not employed by the University as a Graduate Resesarch Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Assistant Instructor:

  1. Department processes tuition under the TRB process using an SS3 on a 26 account
  2. Ignore any warnings about missing assignment on the titles GRA/TA/AI
  3. On the 12th and 20th class day, the student and the SS3 creator will receive email notices that tuition payment will be removed if an assignment to GRA/TA/AI does not exist
  4. When the 1st notice is received, notify SPAA (Jason Richter, that the student needs to continue to receive the tuition payment. The following should be provided:
    1. The SS3 document ID
    2. The 26 account number to which the tuition is being directed
    3. The EID of the affected student
    4. An explanation as to why the student does not carry a GRA, TA or AI assignment on campus
    5. The work requirements of the student(s) in order to receive the tuition remission

The department may also notify SPAA at Step 1, when the SS3 is created. This will not prevent the notices from being sent on the 12th and 20th class day, but will simply allow for advance notification.

Once the above information is provided and the appropriate justification has been received, SPAA will work with Student Accounts Receivable to ensure tuition coverage remains as processed.