Using Cayuse424 for Submission

Beginning in January 2007, UT Austin is piloting use of Cayuse424 to prepare and submit all proposals to the NIH.

UT Austin's Cayuse424 website is:

New! - Download the UT Austin Cayuse Reference Manual (Word document)

Steps for Success with Cayuse424

Step 1 - Get Trained

Cayuse424 has many convenient features for researchers, including:

To learn how to use these features and more, get trained in using Cayuse424. Go to TXClass to select a class date for course SP 110 and enroll yourself. You will need to use your UT-EID and password to access TXClass.

Step 2 - Get a Cayuse424 User ID and Password

The preferred way to get a Cayuse424 User ID and password is to enroll in a training session (see Step 1). But if you absolutely cannot attend a training session, contact the eRA coordinator (phone: 512-471-6424) in the Office of Sponsored Projects for assistance.

Step 3 - Get the Right Browser

Cayuse424 works with the following platforms and browsers:

Internet Explorer 6 SP 2 (not Internet Explorer 7)
FireFox (not FireFox 2.0)

Mac OS X and Linux:
FireFox (not FireFox 2.0)

The recommended browser, Firefox, is available for free download. Please note that you must have administrative privileges on your computer in order to install any software. If you do not have administrative privileges, or do not know if you have them, please contact the person who maintains your department's computers for assistance. Note: While other browsers may also work, they have not yet been fully tested and using them may result in slow load times or other problems, including reduced functionality of Cayuse424.

You may also need to configure your browser to accept cookies and allow pop-ups from the Cayuse website. Detailed instructions (PDF)on setting up your browser are available.

Step 4 - Get and Install the Cayuse Research Plan Templates

Cayuse424's Research Plan PDF generator relies on the use of specific, pre-formatted Microsoft Word templates to prepare the Research Plan. When the completed Research Plan PDF is uploaded into a proposal, Cayuse424 "explodes" the single Research Plan document into multiple PDF documents, which automatically get attached to appropriate sections of the proposal package by Cayuse424.

To take advantage of this time-saving feature of Cayuse424, it is necessary to install the template documents in specific locations on your computer's hard drive. The templates are available from the Resources link located on the bottom right side of the Cayuse424 entry page.

While the Research Plan templates are very easy to use once you know how, they can be confusing to use at first. We highly recommend that you enroll in the Cayuse424 training class to learn how to use the Research Plan templates correctly. Training on template installation and use will be provided for both Windows and Mac users.

Need help with the Research Plan Templates? Additional documentation on using the Cayuse Research Plan templates can be downloaded as a Word document. (Thank you to the University of Wisconsin for allowing us to borrow their Research Plan Reference Manual).

Step 5 - Get Ready to Generate PDFs For Your Research Plan

To use the Cayuse424 Research Plan PDF Generator, some additional tools need to be installed:

Cayuse PDF printer - Installs a utility that converts your Research Plan, prepared in Microsoft Word using a Cayuse-provided preformatted template (see step 4), into a bookmarked PDF document for upload into your proposal in Cayuse424.

Mac OS X and Linux:
Cayuse PDF bookmarking tool - Allows Cayuse424 to convert PDF forms created using from the Cayuse-provided Research Plan templates (see step 4) into the correct format for upload into your proposal.

Both of these tools are available for free from within the Cayuse424 application. When you are logged in to the Cayuse424 entry page, look in the bottom right corner of the screen for the Resources link to find and download the appropriate tool and instructions.

Note: You must have administrative privileges on your computer to install these tools. If you do not have administrative privileges, or do not know if you have them, please contact the person who maintains your department's computers for assistance.

Step 6 - Get Your Proposal Pre-Authorized by OSP

Even though you will be creating your proposal for using Cayuse424, you still need to let the Office of Sponsored Projects know your proposal exists so they can submit it to the sponsor. Using OSP's Research Management System, create a Proposal Review Form (PRF) for your proposal. In addition to the information normally collected on the PRF, please be certain to provide the following information:

Sponsor Name = NIH
This is entered on page 1 of the PRF

The Opportunity Number
This is entered on page 1 of the PRF in the field labeled "If responding to a request for proposal, enter the RFP number here:"

If you do not know the Opportunity Number (also called the Funding Number), you can find it by searching the database:

Delivery to Sponsor = Electronic

This is selected at the bottom of page 4 of the PRF

Once you have completed your Proposal Review Form in the Research Management System, be certain to route it to OSP for them to review it. Routing your proposal will generate an email to you and to the OSP staff to let them know your proposal is ready for review. Please note that it is no longer necessary to complete the Budget section of the PRF before routing your proposal. OSP will complete this section for you.

Step 7 - Name Your Cayuse424 Proposal So OSP Can Identify It As Yours

The proposal title in Cayuse424 is a tracking title used to help OSP submit the correct proposal to Using this title, OSP can link your proposal package in Cayuse424 to your Proposal Review Form in the Research Management System. It is not the title of your grant proposal that the sponsor will see on your application.

Please use the following naming convention when creating your proposal in Cayuse424:

Using this naming convention will ensure that the OSP staff submit the correct proposal for you.

Step 8 - Get Your Key Personnel and Subcontractors Set Up in Cayuse424

In order for you to add any Key Personnel to a proposal in Cayuse424, they will need to have Professional Profiles created for them. Similarly, in order to add another institution as a subcontractor, an Institutional Profile will need to be created in Cayuse424.

Please notify the Office of Sponsored Projects by email as soon as possible to let them know about any subcontractors or key personnel who need to be added to Cayuse424. For Key Personnel, please provide the following information:

For Subcontractors, please provide the following information:

Additional Resources

We hope these guidelines are useful to you as you begin using Cayuse424 to prepare your grant proposals to Please email Office of Sponsored Projects IT Team with suggestions on how this information could be improved or enhanced.