Limited Submission Programs - Department of Defense - National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship Competition (NSSEFF)

Summary of Opportunity
Department of Defense - National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship Competition (NSSEFF)
OSP Deadline LOI: 6/19/09 (NO Proposal Review Form is necessary); Proposal Review Form necessary: 7/2/09; 10/13/09
Funding Agency Deadline Letter of Intent (required to be submitted by OSP): 6/23/09 (4 p.m. EDT); White Paper and nomination Letter (required): 7/7/09 (4 p.m. EDT); Full proposal (by invitation only): 10/16/09
Funding or Award Criteria

The Director, Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E) sponsors the National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship (NSSEFF). NSSEFF is part of the National defense Education Program (NDEP) that supports innovative basic science and engineering research within academia, as well as education initiatives that seek to create and develop the next generation of scientists and engineers for defense and national security workforce.

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) manages the NSSEFF program for DDR&E. To accomplish this task, AFOSR is soliciting proposals for the NSSEFF program through their BAA AFOSR-BAA-2009-4. This BAA seeks outstanding researchers for the NSSEFF program for the purpose of conducting innovative basic research in areas of interest to the Department of Defense (DoD) and fostering long-term relationships between the NSSEFF fellows and the DoD.


The NSSEFF program is open to outstanding faculty and staff scientists and engineers employed by accredited, U.S. doctoral degree-granting academic institutions who will serve as the principal investigator (PI) for the proposed research. Only one PI may be listed on the application. The individual PI must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

The NSSEFF award is not meant to be an early career award. Is it expected that successful applicants will have a record of substantial scientific contributions. Applicants selected for NSSEFF awards are likely to have received awards or honors, or have named position or a position of distinction, such as an elected fellow of a national professional society.

Applicable Field(s)  
Number of Nominees Allowed Multiple proposals – one letter is required but should contain certain information for all individuals who UT intends to nominate
Required Internal Review Documents

Please submit the following information electronically to no later than 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 19 in order to allow enough time to compile the letter and for signature:

  1. Faculty name, title, faculty position, department affiliation, and email address of each individual
  2. Proposed research topic
  3. Technical subject category most appropriate for the proposed research topic. The technical subject categories (PDF) are in Section I of the attached BAA announcement. Download Adobe Reader.
Nominee(s) Selected to Advance  
Posting Date 6/4/09