Limited Submission Programs - NEA - Artistic, Challenge, Learning

Summary of Opportunity
NEA - Access to Artistic Excellence OR Challenge America Fast Track OR Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth
OSP Deadline Four business days before the deadline (These opportunities are currently NOT supported by Cayuse424.  Please use the Adobe forms to prepare your application)
Funding Agency Deadline

Access to Artistic Excellence - March 11, 2010

Challenge America Fast Track - May 27, 2010

Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth - June 10, 2010

Funding or Award Criteria

Program Description: An organization may submit only ONE application through one of the following FY Grants for Arts Projects categories (see “Application Limits”):

  •  Access to Artistic Excellence (Application deadlines March 11 and August 12, 2010)
    To encourage and support artistic excellence, preserve our cultural heritage, and provide access to the arts for all Americans.  This category supports projects that provide short-term arts exposure or arts appreciation for children and youth as well as intergenerational education projects.
  • Challenge America Fast-Track Review Grants (Application deadline May 27, 2010)
    For support, primarily to small and mid-sized organizations, of projects that extend the research of the arts to underserved populations.  Grants are for $10,000.  Funding is not available for curriculum based instruction in the arts.
  • Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth (Application deadline June 10, 2010)
    To advance arts education for children and youth in school-based or community-based settings.  This category supports in-depth, curriculum-based arts education experiences that occur over an extended period.  Projects must provide participatory learning and engage students with skilled artists, teachers, and excellent art.  All. projects must include the following components: 1) the opportunity for students and their teachers to experience exemplary works of art, in live form wherever possible; 2) study of the art experienced including the acquisition of skills for practicing the art form where appropriate; 3) the performance/making of art within the discipline(s) studied; and 4) assessment of student learning according to national or state arts education standards.
Applicable Field(s)  
Number of Nominees Allowed

ONE proposal on behalf of The University per year through one of the above programs (Not through each of the above programs).

NOTE: Separate and identifiable components under The University (such as a presenting organization, radio station, museum or UT Press) may submit a separate proposal for each program.  An academic department is NOT an independent component.  Please clear independent component proposals through the limited submission email address.  If you are unsure if you are a separate component, please contact Courtney Frazier immediately at or by phone at 512-471-6424. 

Required Internal Review Documents

Associate Deans or Designates should submit the following materials electronically to no later than 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3, 2010:   

  1. Dean's or Dean Designate’s Letter of Nomination
  2. One page maximum lay abstract describing the aims of the proposed research project. 
  3. The bio sketch of the UT PI

Each department should submit all proposals forward with a ranking from the Dean/Associate Dean for Research. 

Nominee(s) Selected to Advance Dr. Megan Alrutz
Posting Date 1/14/10