Limited Submission Programs - NSF - Math and Science Partnership (MSP)

Summary of Opportunity
NSF - Math and Science Partnership (MSP) [PDF]
OSP Deadline Four business days before the funding agency deadlines
Funding Agency Deadline

NSF MSP Institute Partnerships, MSP-Start Partnerships, Phase II Partnerships, RETA Projects: 7/8/10 

NSF MSP Targeted Partnerships: 10/14/10 

Funding or Award Criteria

Program Description: The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program is a major research and development effort that supports innovative partnerships to improve K-12 student achievement in mathematics and science. MSP projects are expected to raise the achievement levels of all students and significantly reduce achievement gaps in the mathematics and science performance of diverse student populations. In order to improve the mathematics and science achievement of the Nation's students, MSP projects contribute to what is known in mathematics and science education and serve as models that have a sufficiently strong evidence/research base to improve the mathematics and science education outcomes for all students. NSF's MSP program coordinates its effort with theMathematics and Science Partnerships program of the U.S. Department of Education in the expectation that effective innovations in mathematics and science education will be disseminated into wider practice. The two programs are significant components of the America COMPETES Act of 2007 (Public Law 110-69).

Through this solicitation, NSF seeks to support five types of MSP awards plus EHR-wide projects:

  1. Targeted Partnerships focus on studying and solving teaching and learning issues within a specific grade range or at a critical juncture in education, and/or within a specific disciplinary focus in mathematics or the sciences;
  2. Institute Partnerships – Teacher Institutes for the 21st Century focus on meeting national needs for teacher leaders/master teachers who have deep knowledge of disciplinary content for teaching and are fully prepared to be school- or district-based intellectual leaders in mathematics or the sciences;
  3. MSP-Start Partnerships are for awardees new to the MSP program, especially from minority-serving institutions, community colleges and primarily undergraduate institutions, to support the necessary data analysis, project design, evaluation and team building activities needed to develop a full MSP Targeted or Institute Partnership;
  4. Phase II Partnerships for prior MSP Partnership awardees focus on specific innovative areas of their work where evidence of the potential for significant positive impact is clearly documented. The intent is that focused efforts carry out the necessary research to advance knowledge and understanding in the specific area(s).
  5. Research, Evaluation and Technical Assistance (RETA) projects directly support the work of the Partnerships by conducting methodologically rigorous studies of the impacts of MSP activities on student or teacher learning. Longitudinal and cross-site studies are particularly encouraged as are those that test innovative methodologies. **Not limited

Please see the solicitation for complete information.


The Principle Investigator of a proposal for any of the Partnership categories – Targeted, Institute, MSP-Start or Phase II – must be a mathematician, scientist of engineering and a regular faculty member in mathematics, science or engineering department in a higher education core partner.  One or more co-Principle Investigators must be representative(s) from the K-12 core partner organization(s). 

Applicable Field(s)  
Number of Nominees Allowed

ONE proposal for each Partnership category – Institute Partnerships, MSP-Start Partnerships, Phase II Partnerships, and Targeted Partnerships. Non-lead proposals are not limited.  RETA projects are not limited. 

Required Internal Review Documents

Associate Deans or Designates must submit the following materials electronically to no later than 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 (NOTE: submissions directly from PIs will not be accepted):   

  1. Dean's or ORU Director's (or designates) Letter of Nomination with rankings and justification
  2. Two page maximum lay abstract describing the aims of/needs for of the proposed project.  Please state the Partnership category. 

Each college may submit up to 2 internal applications for each Partnership category.



Nominee(s) Selected to Advance

Targeted Partnerships: Dana Center

If you are interested in applying, to the Institute Partnerships, MSP-Start Partnerships, Phase II Partnerships categories, please contact Courtney Swaney.
Posting Date 5/6/10