Limited Submission Programs - NSF - Science and Technology Centers: Integrative Partnerships

Summary of Opportunity
NSF - Science and Technology Centers: Integrative Partnerships
OSP Deadline

12/05/14 Preliminary Proposal (REQUIRED)

06/09/15 (Full Proposal By Invitation Only)

Funding Agency Deadline

12/11/14 Preliminary Proposal (REQUIRED)

06/16/15 (Full Proposal By Invitation Only)

Funding or Award Criteria

Program Description: The Science and Technology Centers (STC): Integrative Partnerships program supports innovative, potentially transformative, complex research and education projects that require large-scale, long-term awards. STCs conduct world-class research through partnerships among academic institutions, national laboratories, industrial organizations, and/or other public/private entities, and via international collaborations, as appropriate. They provide a means to undertake significant investigations at the interfaces of disciplines and/or fresh approaches within disciplines. STCs may involve any area of science and engineering that NSF supports. STC investments support the NSF vision of creating and exploiting new concepts in science and engineering and providing global leadership in research and education.

Centers provide a rich environment for encouraging future scientists, engineers, and educators to take risks in pursuing discoveries and new knowledge. STCs foster excellence in education by integrating education and research, and by creating bonds between learning and inquiry so that discovery and creativity fully support the learning process.

NSF expects STCs to demonstrate leadership in the involvement of groups traditionally underrepresented in science and engineering at all levels (faculty, students, and postdoctoral researchers) within the Center. Centers use either proven or innovative mechanisms to address issues such as recruitment, retention and mentorship of participants from underrepresented groups.

Centers must undertake activities that facilitate knowledge transfer, i.e., the exchange of scientific and technical information with the objective of disseminating and utilizing knowledge broadly in multiple sectors. Examples of knowledge transfer include technology transfer with the intention of supporting innovation, providing key information to public policy makers, or dissemination of knowledge from one field of science to another.

Please see the solicitation for complete information.  


Proposed STC annual budgets may range up to $4.0M in the first year, and, thereafter $5.0M per year of NSF support. Preliminary proposals and full proposals outside this range will be returned without review. Each preliminary and invited full proposal must demonstrate institutional commitment in the area proposed. Inclusion of voluntary committed cost sharing is prohibited.

Applicable Field(s)  
Number of Nominees Allowed Three (3) preliminary proposals as the lead institution
Required Internal Review Documents

Deans, Associate Deans or their Designates should submit the following materials electronically to by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 19, 2014:

  1. Dean's, Associate Dean’s, or ORU Director's Letter of Nomination
  2. Two-page (maximum) description of the project
  3. The bio sketch/CV of the Principal Investigator

Each college may submit three (3) preliminary proposals for consideration



A PI or co-PI on one STC proposal may not be a participant in another STC proposal.

Nominee(s) Selected to Advance


Posting Date 09/03/14