Implementing the NIH Public Access Policy is as Easy as A, B, C

The NIH Public Access mandate ensures that the general public has internet access to the published results of NIH funded research by endorsing PubMed Central (PMC) as the on-line repository for research products of NIH-funded research. This mandate applies to investigators whose peer-reviewed articles are based on NIH-funded research, AND are accepted for publication on, or after April 7, 2008. This policy has potential copyright transfer issues as it requires investigators to submit their manuscript to PubMed upon acceptance for publication. OSP has implemented new procedures and has assisted in the development of policy language that will reserve the rights necessary to allow faculty authors to comply with the NIH requirement. Authors will be required to include each article's PubMed Central (PMC) reference number for each article when citing them in NIH applications, proposals or progress reports (as of May 25th 2008 & going forward).

A. Address Copyright Transfer Issues

B. Submit the final manuscript to PubMed Central (PMC) upon acceptance for publication.

C. Cite the PMC reference number of any journal articles accepted for publication under the April 7, 2008 NIH Public Access policy, when including them in any applications, proposals and progress reports submitted to NIH (on or after May 25, 2008).

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