From the Revised Handbook of Operating Procedures:

Section I. General Policy Guidelines

A. Policy Statement

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to promoting a research community whose members faithfully adhere to high ethical standards of honesty and integrity. The University seeks to do this without inhibiting the productivity and creativity of that community. The University expects faculty and other research personnel to avoid misconduct in science and other scholarly research. Misconduct violates not only the relationship between a researcher and The University but also damages the reputations of those involved and of the entire research and scholarly community. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every research investigator to avoid misconduct and to assure integrity in the collection of data, storage of records and proper assignment of credit in publication. It is also the responsibility of all researchers and scholars to report instances of misconduct, as well as instances of retaliation against those who, in good faith, bring charges of misconduct in science or other scholarly research.
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  1. Scope
  2. Application
  3. Definitions

Section II. General Procedures

  1. Reporting Misconduct or Retaliation
  2. Process Options – Formal Allegations of Misconduct
  3. Protection of Complainant and Complainant
  4. D. Protection of Respondent and Respondent
  5. Conducting the Inquiry
  6. Conducting the Investigation
  7. Investigation Process
  8. Investigation Report
  9. Investigation Decision and Notification

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