ECS Upgrade Progress

The Effort Certification System (ECS) is anticipated to receive an upgrade for the Spring 2010 effort reporting cycle. The upgrade should include improvements that will make effort reporting more convenient for Principal Investigators, while maintaining uncompromised accuracy.

My Effort

The upgrade may include a convenient link to the “My Effort” view for Primary Individuals and Principal Investigators on the home page. The My Effort view will be similar to the current Individual Detail Page.

Time Management

The upgrade may include the ability to view effort reports that refresh with recent transactions more frequently.

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Effort Certification System (ECS)

ECS Upgrade Videos

  1. Essential for PIs – Home Page and New My Effort Page
  2. Budget Group Page
  3. Essential for Precertifiers – Precertifying the Budget Group Page
  4. Column Title Crosswalk
  5. Certifying Effort Cost Shared