Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting is our means of providing assurance to sponsors that:

  1. Salaries charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the work performed, and
  2. Faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects.

This webpage is a resource for our university's Principal Investigators (PIs), Co-PIs, and other Primary Individuals responsible for sponsored research projects. It is also for the staff Effort Contacts who assist them.


What does an Effort Contact do for PIs? (Video)


ECS Timeline Fall 2015


Effort Certification System (ECS)


Please refer to the introductory statement at the top of this page, to the Required Compliance Module, and to the Effort Procedures sections below.


Required Compliance Modules

Effort Certification Training Procedure

CW 520 Effort Certification Training (information only) [PDF] [PowerPoint]

CW 520 Effort Certification Training (for credit, with required exam)

Reference PDFs

Effort Glossary [PDF]

Proxy Request Form [PDF]

University of Texas Effort Procedures

UT System

UT Austin

Introductory remarks from Vice Chancellor Kenneth Shine

Effort Certification System (ECS)

Announcement: For FY 14-15 to Principal Investigators on Tuition Remission Regulation, Policies, and Procedures

To learn more about allowable sponsored tuition, please visit our Tuition Remission page.


effort@austin.utexas.edu or askUS