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PAIR Project Quantitative Data

This page provides links to the PAIR Project's main codebook, a guide to the primary constructs we use, and other documentation regarding our approach to the construction and management of data.

PAIR Project Integrated Codebook
The Integrated Codebook provides the names, labels, value labels, and other information about the PAIR Project's primary calculated variables. Most raw data (e.g., individual items within a scale) are not included in this book.
Guide to PAIR Constructs
The Guide to the Constructs provides more detailed information about the primary variables listed in the Integrated Codebook.
Guide to Scale Construction
Describes our documentation of scales used in publications, and provides example documentation.
Data Organization and Management
An overview of how we organize our data to ensure maximum efficiency, including our management of data collection, data documentation, using relational databases, and keeping a data inventory.
Preparation for Analysis
Describes the steps that PAIR researchers follow to protect the integrity of master copies of data, create a personalized subset of the data, and document changes to the data.

The PAIR Project at the University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator, Ted L. Huston
Page last modified: 1 August 2002