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Anita Vangelisti

Anita, an Associate Professor in the College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin, has collaborated with the Project on several papers:

Huston & Vangelisti (1991).
Vangelisti & Huston (1994).
Huston & Vangelisti (1995).

Some of her interests include the influence of negative emotions, family secrets, and gender and communication. Selected papers and presentations from each topic follow:

The Influence of "Negative" Emotions:

Huston, T. L., & Vangelisti, A. L. (1991). Socioemotional behavior and satisfaction in marital relationships: A longitudinal study. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 61, 721-733.
Vangelisti, A. L., & Sprague, R. (1998). Guilt and hurt: Similarities, distinctions, and conversational strategies. In P. A. Andersen & L. K. Guerrero (Eds.), Handbook of communication and emotion (pp. 123-154). San Diego, CA: Academic.
Vangelisti, A. L., & Crumley, L. P. (in press). Reactions to messages that hurt: The influence of relational contexts. Communication Monographs.
Vangelisti, A. L., & Young, S. L. (1998, November). When words hurt: The interpersonal consequencs of perceived intentionality. Paper presented at the meeting of the National Communication Association. New York, NY.

Family Secrets:

Vangelisti, A. L. (1994). Family secrets: Forms, functions, and correlates. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships,11, 113-135.
Vangelisti, A. L., & Caughlin, J. P. (1997). Revealing family secrets: The influence of topic, function, and relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 14, 679-705.
Vangelisti, A. L., Grob, L. M., & Caughlin, J. P. (1998, June). To tell or not to tell?: Criteria for revealing family secrets. Paper presented at the meeting of the International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Gender and Communication:

Vangelisti, A. L., & Daly, J. A. (1997). Gender differences in standards for romantic relationships. Personal Relationships, 4, 203-219.
Vangelisti, A. L. (1997). Gender differences, similarities, and interdependencies: Some problems with the different cultures perspective. Personal Relationships, 4, 243-253.

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