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International Conference on Personal Relationships 1994 - Groningen

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board.gif (79254 bytes)
ISSPR Board 1994
Ridley.JPG (214869 bytes)
Ted Huston & Carl Ridley
Buunk.JPG (212081 bytes)
Bram Buunk
Blieszner.gif (43390 bytes)
Rosemary Blieszner
Chris.JPG (218243 bytes)
Theo VanTilburg & Christine Huston
group pic1.JPG (268582 bytes)
Karen Rook et al. (1994).
group pic2.JPG (283813 bytes)
Art Aron et al.
Kelley.JPG (140360 bytes)
Hal Kelley
Holmes Levinger.JPG (318220 bytes)
John Holmes et al.
Jacobvitz.JPG (300270 bytes)
Ann Levinger & Deborah Jacobvitz
Levingers.JPG (207488 bytes)
George & Ann Levinger
Ted cannon.JPG (579180 bytes)
Huston with cannon
Ted cannon2.JPG (325968 bytes)
Huston with cannon II
MikeJ.JPG (149899 bytes)
Mike Johnson
Rempel.JPG (227085 bytes)
Ted Huston & John Rempel
Ted podium.JPG (162157 bytes)
Ted Huston

The PAIR Project at the University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator, Ted L. Huston
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