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John Caughlin

Picture of John CaughlinJohn spent the years from 1993 to1997 with the Project, interviewing respondents, working on the guide to constructs, and constructing the integrated database. He also co-authored the following papers:

Johnson, Caughlin, & Huston (in press)
Caughlin & Huston (under review)
Huston, Caughlin, Houts, Shebilske, & Smith (in prep)

John is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where he continues to pursue an interest in interpersonal communication. Some of his other works include:

Caughlin & Vangelisti, "Desire for change in one's partner as a predictor of the demand/withdraw pattern of marital communication." (under review)
Caughlin & Vangelisti, "An individual difference explanation of why couples engage in the demand/withdraw pattern of marital communication." (in prep)
Johnson, M.P., Caughlin, J.P., & Huston, T.L. (in press). The tripartite nature of marital commitment: Personal, moral, and structural reasons to stay married. Journal of Marriage and the Family.
Vangelisti, A.L., & Caughlin, J.P. (1997). Revealing family secrets: The influence of topic, function, and relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 14, 679-705.

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