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Key Collaborators

Over the years, the work of the PAIR Project has been molded by the influence of the following graduate students and collaborating faculty members. Each link tells about the person's contributions to the Project, as well as their current interests and pursuits.


Jean Atkinson
Rosemary Blieszner
Rodney Cate
John Caughlin
Szu-Chia Chang
Amy Chorost
Catherine Collins
Duane Crawford
Ann Crouter
Nancy Fitzgerald
Sarah Fox
Stanley Gaines
Gilbert Geis
Lois Graham
Renate Houts
Beth Johnson
Michael P. Johnson
Helen Kjolby
Robert Larzelere
Leigh Leslie
George Levinger
Michael Losoff
Anne Lucchetti
Stephen Marks
Shelley McDermid
Susan McHale
Robert Milardo
Pamela Monday
Leslie Moore
Sylvia Niehuis
Daniel Noll
Beth Parkinson
Maureen Perry-Jenkins
John Rempel
Marika Ripke
Elliot Robins
Kathy Scherer
Laura Shebilske
Catherine Surra
Anita Vangelisti
Alexis Walker
Robert Zam
Anisa Zvonkovic

The PAIR Project at the University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator, Ted L. Huston
Page last modified: 13 February 2002