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Gallery: PAIR Folk & Friends

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annejohnbefore.gif (86142 bytes)
Laurie, Anne, etc
chorostgroupbefore.gif (126467 bytes)
group shot 1993
bethjohnbefore.gif (92175 bytes)
the Caughlins
desertbefore.gif (68894 bytes)
in the desert
lauriebefore.gif (90437 bytes)
more Laurie
mikejlevbefore.gif (56705 bytes)
PAIR pals
pteesbefore.gif (87502 bytes)
T-shirt mania
renateszubefore.gif (83044 bytes)
talented trio
shannabefore.gif (74024 bytes)
levingerbefore.gif (69647 bytes)
George Levinger

banff.gif (31114 bytes)
Banff conference

bethmk.gif (33805 bytes)
Laurie, Marika, Beth
marika.gif (73583 bytes)
Marika & Laurie
boat.gif (51752 bytes)
Saratoga conference
geis.gif (100678 bytes)
Gil Geis
bethgp.gif (40580 bytes)
Beth et al.
jessica.gif (53413 bytes)
Margie & Jessica
sabrina.gif (37994 bytes)
Sabrina & Margie
sabrtrio.gif (60060 bytes)
Sabrina et al.
shanbird.gif (29358 bytes)
Shanna & bird
szulaur.gif (37509 bytes)
Szu & Laurie
Pictures of Ted Huston's other family. . .

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