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Robert Milardo

Picture of Robert MilardoBob Milardo has been with the PAIR Project since the late 70's, working in collaboration with Mike Johnson and Ted Huston on couples' social networks as relationships move from casually dating to more serious involvement. Bob's modification of the Rochester Interaction Record to track the way couple's social networks change over time was the inspiration for the development of the telephone diary method used in the PAIR Project.

Through the years, he has been a good friend to the Project. As he notes, he has been the main impetus behind the highly successful series of Project musical hits. After composing the first Project Songbook [including hits like "Satisfaction," "New to Wed," "Teddy Funk," "Stone Soul Surra," "Blieszin' (On a Sunday Afternoon)," and "Too Cool Cate"], Bob went on to stardom with the first PAIR Project CD (with R.C.A. Klein): Happy Songs for Couples, Vol 1. This innovative work included the a capella "Night in Tunisia."

Currently, Bob continues his musical career with limited Maine-area tours, promoting his new album The Best of Happy Songs for Couples (with R.C.A. Klein). In his spare time, he works at the University of Maine and until recently pursued a literary hobby as the editor of the  Journal of Marriage and the Family, earning the title of the "JMF Czar."

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