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Stephen Marks

Stephen has worked with the PAIR Project  "on and off" since 1993; he contributed the role balance scale, the role ease scale, and an overload scale (borrowed from Reilly) to the follow-up phase. He is currently working on a paper in conjunction with Ted Huston, Shelley MacDermid, and Beth Johnson entitled "How Married People Balance Their Roles."

Stephen works as a professor of Sociology at the University of Maine, where he has been collaborating on a project with Leigh Leslie, "Family Diversity and Intersecting Categories: Toward a Richer Approach to Multiple Roles," forthcoming spring 1999, in David Demo, Mark Fine, & Katherine Allen (Eds.), Handbook on Family Diversity, Oxford University Press.

Other recent projects have included: Marks & MacDermid (1996).  Multiple Roles and the Self: A Theory of Role Balance. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 58, 417-432.

For more information on Stephen's work, he may be contacted at marks@maine.maine.edu.

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