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Other Student Contributors

The PAIR Project has always been blessed with hard-working undergraduate and graduate students, without whom many of our efforts would have been impossible. Some have worked for class credit, others for a salary; their stints have ranged from one semester to two years. They have helped to design databases, develop questionnaires, interview respondents, enter data, and write case studies, along with other tasks too varied and innumerable to name. Some have written senior or master's theses using PAIR Project data. In acknowledgment of their many contributions, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all those listed below. Master's students are denoted with an asterisk.

Robert Abramowitz
Beth Addison
Amy Aiken
Marcus Allen
Heather Armosky
Laura Baldwin
Ashley Barnes
Beth Begrow
Barbara Bielamowicz*
Emily Boon
Jenny Busico
Kelly Carol
Marla Caruso
Lisa Caya
Alycia Chambers
Doris Chang
Kristin Cooper
Becky Cross
Claire Cummins
Carole Danish
Sandi Dillon*
Josie Duke
Steve Dunlap
E. Ferguson
Kelley Fontenot
Suzie Frajerman
Debbie Gable
Linda Garbrick
Katja Glockner
Carol Gold
Mary Good
Lisa Hallman
Lynne Hartzler
Carol Herling
Pam Holland*
Susan Jacquet
Hilary Johnson
Andy Kelly
Rose Kenawell
Stuart Kisselovitch
Mimi Kranichfeld
Lisa Kucharski
Ellen Langholtz
John Livingston
Hob Lloyd
Mary Londos
Cindi Macry
P. Martin
Michelle Mayove
Maureen McKenna
Donna Morgan
Mayan Nelson
Carolyn Nesselroade
Julie Nilan
Margie Omero
Renee Otto
Sharon O’Brien
Peggy Palms
Erin Patterson
Michele Post
Christine Reed*
Caitlin Rhodes
Sabrina Rodriguez
Heather Rogers
Michael Rovine
Susan Shuman
Brook Simpson
Jane Smith
Jessica Snell
Karen Stierman
Rachel Strain
Melanie Sungaard
Krista Sutherland
Celia Traverse
Adriana Umana
Brooke Van Horn
Rais Vohra
Gary Waldron
Stephanie Wiggins
Michael Windle
Erin Wright

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