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Ted L. Huston

Amy Johnson McLaughlin Centennial Professor
Human Ecology and Psychology
 University of Texas at Austin

Principal Investigator, PAIR Project

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Greetings! Welcome to my homepage. This site focuses primarily on my professional background and interests, which are bound up in the study of courtship and marriage. As the principal investigator of the PAIR Project, I have spent the last several years exploring issues such as: the transition couples face as they become parents; the impact of personality and behavior on marital quality; and the factors that lead to stable marital relationships.  I've often been inspired and impressed by the marital stories of the couples I encounter in my research. This site provides a guide to both my research and my non-PAIR professional life. Most of these pages are interlinked with the PAIR Project research site; I also have included a direct link to PAIR central on the navigation bar at left. The PAIR site includes an overview of my longitudinal research on courtship, marriage, the transition to parenthood, and the antecedents of divorce; staff profiles; abstracts of published articles and chapters; and a guide to the constructs used in the PAIR Project. 

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