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What's New at the PAIR Project

Staff News

The PAIR Project is pleased to have two new graduate students aboard, Erin Holmes and Silvia Bartolic.

Also, we'd like to extend a farewell and congratulations to Sylvia Niehuis, who graduated with her Ph.D. last summer and has taken a faculty position at Utah State University, and Shanna Smith, who graduated in May 2002 and now works as a research consultant at the University of Texas.

Recent & Forthcoming Publications:

Caughlin, J. P. & Huston, T. L. (in press). Demand/withdraw and marital satisfaction: What can be learned by examining demand/withdraw in addition to other interaction behaviors? Personal Relationships.

Crawford, D., Houts, R., Huston, T. L., & George, L. (2002). Compatibility, leisure, and satisfaction in marital relationships. Journal of Marriage and the Family. Forthcoming (February, 2002).

Huston, T. L. (2000). The social ecology of marriage and other intimate unions. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 62, 298-318.

Huston, T. L., Caughlin, J. P., Houts, R. M., Smith, S. E., & George, L. J. (2001). The connubial crucible: Newlywed years as predictors of delight, distress, and divorce. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 237-252.

Huston, T. L., & Geis, G. (in press). When the honeymoon is over: Strain and adaptation in marriage. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Forthcoming in 2002.

Huston, T. L., Niehuis, S., & Smith, S. E. (2001). The early marital roots of conjugal distress and divorce. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 10, 116-119.

Marks, S. R., Huston, T. L., MacDermid, S. M., & Johnson, E. M. (2001). How married people balance their roles. Journal of Marriage and the Family. Forthcoming (November, 2001).

Smith, S. & Huston, T. (in press). How and why marriages change over time: Shifting patterns of companionship and partnership. In R. Conger (Ed.), Continuity and change: Family structure and family process. New York: Erlbaum.

The PAIR Project at the University of Texas at Austin
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