THE PASP Archives recently obtained the papers of Emmett L. Bennett, Jr., one of the world’s most distinguished and reputable Classics scholars and the founding father of the study of Mycenaean scripts.  His systematic and meticulous analysis of Linear B was instrumental in its decipherment by British scholar Michael Ventris in 1952. 

During the 2006-2007 academic year, M.S.I.S. candidate Christy Costlow of the University of Texas at Austin's School of Information arranged, indexed, and rehoused the materials into archival enclosures.  Links to the Word and PDF versions of the finding aid are listed below.

The collection, consisting of 6,193 items, is comprised of the research material, publications, manuscripts, lecture notes, education and teaching material, correspondence, and photographic material created and compiled by Bennett during his professional career.  The bulk of the material include items related to the study of Linear B and Bennett’s correspondence with other scholars and colleagues in the Classical Studies field.

Bennett was a passionate scholar whose extraordinary precision and attention to detail are well illustrated by the numerous grids, graphs, and statistical calculations he completed in his work on Linear B.  His roles also included those of a mentor, encourager and collaborator, and as a reputable and greatly respected scholar in the field, Bennett received frequent correspondence and papers for review from colleagues and amateurs alike.  Prior to and around the time of the decipherment of Linear B, Bennett collaborated closely with Michael Ventris (these letters are included within PASP's Michael Ventris archival collection), and for years afterwards he remained close with those such as Carl Blegen, his former teacher, and John Chadwick, a frequent collaborator. 

Bennett donated the materials to PASP under the custody of Prof. Palaima.  Related materials are found in PASP's collections of the papers of Michael Ventris and Alice E. Kober.  Additionally, PASP houses the offprint collection of Emmett. L. Bennett, Jr., also given to Prof. Palaima who retains ownership.
Emmett L. Bennett, Jr. Papers Finding Aid: Word PDF

For images of select materials from the Bennett collection, click here These images are not to be used for scholarly purposes without the express permission of PASP.