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December 8, 2009

Added Palaima editorials:
"The missing entries from 'A Gaza Diary'" (from Sept. 25, 2003)

"Our wounds, our duty" (with Stephen Sonnenberg)

November 12, 2009

Added Palaima Review of Beyond the Revolution: A History of American Thought from Paine to Pragmatism

Added Palaima editorial:
"No intermissions or applause in real stages of war"

November 5, 2009

Added Palaima editorial:
"Work long and hard for what you know is right for society"

October 10, 2009

Added the KOOP Radio (91.7 FM in Austin) program on the UT budget 10/09/09 (mp3 file).

Added Palaima editorial:
"Dr. Antone: The Real Deal"

Note also the following important event:

University of Texas UTPCR
Bridging Divides Award
at Antone's Nightclub
213 West 5th Street
512 320-8424
Thursday October 15 7 PM -10 PM

Featuring: Gary Clark, Jr., Eve Monsees, Cyril Neville, James Robinson, Pamela Hart, Big Chief Kevin Goodman, Tim Culver, Gaynielle Neville and Others.

Complimentary Tickets Available at Waterloo Records ($10 suggested cover).

  September 30, 2009

Added Palaima editorial:
"Aesop and the UT Budget"

PASP would like to announce two upcoming guest speakers:

Colloquium 1: Thursday November 12 4 PM WAG 116

Dimitri Nakassis (Ph.D. 2006 UT Austin)
Assistant Professor Department of Classics
University of Toronto

"Under the Sceptre of Agamemnon? Economy, Archaeology and Texts in Mycenaean Greece"

Professor Nakassis will also be giving a lecture in Prof. Palaima's AHC 378 class on Friday November 13 at 2:00 PM WAG 112 on the topic: "Mycenaean society: in search of a middle class."

Prof. Nakassis won the prize for best dissertation in humanities and fine arts (UT Austin 2007). His research interests include: Greek history, Greek archaeology, especially Late Bronze Age, social theory, ancient religion

His publications now include:

His articles accepted and in progress are on the following topics: (1) the finances of Mycenaean Pylos, (2) state and society in the Aegean Bronze Age, (3) the concept of redistribution in Aegean archaeology, (4) feasting and the king in Mycenaean Pylos, (5) structuration and the Mycenaean state, and (6) the Dipolieia festival and the Kylonian conspiracy.


Colloquium 2:

Thursday December 3 4 PM WAG 116

Ruth Palmer (Ph.D. University of Cincinnati 1989)
Associate Professor of Classics and World Religions
Ohio University

"What the scribe saw: artistic representations of deer and the invention of the Mycenaean deer ideogram."

Professor Palmer will discuss how deer are represented in Mycenaean art from the Shaft Graves at Mycenae (and before) to the end of the palatial period, with a special focus eventually on the ambience in which scribes created the ideogram they used in Linear B.

Professor Palmer will also be giving a lecture in Prof. Palaima's AHC 378 class on Monday November 30 at 2:00 PM WAG 112 on the topic: "Between Pylos and Knossos: women workers in the Linear B texts."

Here Prof. Palmer will present the kinds of evidence that we can extract from the Linear B tablets about the status and jobs done by the female work force, and the difference in social conditions that exists in the groups listed in the Knossos tablets vs. the Pylos tablets. She will also bring in comparisons with the Mesopotamian records of the female work forces.

Professor Palmer is one of the foremost authorities on foodstuffs in the ancient world and their role in society.

Her publications include her definitive monograph: Wine in the Mycenaean Palace Economy.

Review: J. T. Killen, in Minos 29-30 (1997) 371-373.
Review: Paul Halstead, in JHS 117 (1997) 242-244.

And many articles, including:

Added Palaima article: "1984: It's Coming," in Times Higher Education 3 September 2009
PDF available here

September 29, 2009

Upcoming Event:
As part of the Odyssey program at UT, the Classics department will be presenting a lecture series entitled, Classical Worlds: Rediscovering Ancient Greece and Rome from September 28-November 9, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

As part of this series, on September 28th, Tom Palaima will be presenting on "THE FIRST EUROPEAN INFO TECH REVOLUTION: LINEAR B, BOOM AND BUST IN THE BRONZE AGE KINGDOM OF PYLOS." Check out the brochure for more details.

Added Palaima articles:

Added Palaima editorials: May 27, 2009
Added Palaima editorial:
"Remember the costs of war"

April 30, 2009

Added two Palaima review articles:

Review of Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans
Review of The War Comes Home:Washington's Battle Against America's Veterans

Added Palaima editorial:
"Why we should value the tenure system"

April 24, 2009

Added several articles:

by Dimitri Nakassis
[PDF]"Named individuals and the Mycenaean state at Pylos," Colloquium Romanum: Atti del XII colloquio internazionale di micenologia. Rome 2008, pp. 549-561.

by Stephie Nikoloudis
[PDF]"The role of the ra-wa-ke-ta. Insights from PY Un 718," Colloquium Romanum: Atti del XII colloquio internazionale di micenologia. Rome 2008, pp. 587-594.

by Tom Palaima:
[PDF]"A new Linear B inscription from the land down under: AUS HO(ME) Bo 2008," in F. Louise A. Hitchcock, Robert Laffineur and Janice Crowley eds., DAIS. The Aegean Feast (Aegaeum 29), Liège and Austin 2008, pp. 429-432.
[PDF]"The significance of Myceneaean words relating to meals, meal rituals, and food," in Louise A. Hitchcock, Robert Laffineur and Janice Crowley eds., DAIS. The Aegean Feast (Aegaeum 29), Liège and Austin 2008, pp. 383-389.

April 2, 2009

Palaima's April 2nd Times Higher Education feature article, "The Tools of Power."
This can be found at the Times Higher Education website, in PDF form, or on our website.

March 10, 2009

Added several Palaima reviews:
Review of Ancient Rome and Modern America
Review of The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from 400 to 1000
Review of The Dynamite Club: How a Bombing in Fin-de-Siècle Paris Ignited the Age of Modern Terror

Added several Palaima editorials:
"Woody Guthrie's songs can help you focus on the spirit of the season"
"UTSA is throwing a Hail Mary pass"
"'Happy New Year!'"
"(with Nathan Tublitz) Barack Obama and the International Education Bowl"
"(with Emily Schenk) Hold onto hope for justice"
"The price of corporate culture at UT"

December 15, 2008

Added a report on the visit by Jörg Weilhartner.

Added several Palaima editorials:
"Believe in the Magic of Youth"
"Former UT football stars aren't shining"
"Don't talk down to the masses"
"Where do our values lie?"

Added Palaima review:
Review of Kelly's Attila the Hun

Susan Lupack reports that she is teaching at University College London in the Greek and Latin Dept. now. She has had two important publications:

"The Northeast Building of Pylos and An 1281," in The Proceedings of the 12th International Mycenological Colloquium, vol. II, A. Sacconi, L. Godart and M. Del Freo, eds., Biblioteca di Pasiphae series, Rome 2008, pp. 467-484. [PDF]

"Deities and Religious Personnel as Collectors," in Fiscality in Mycenaean and Near Eastern Archives, M. Perna, ed., Studi Egei e Vicinorientali vol. 3, Naples 2006, pp. 89-108. [PDF]

She has also just finished a chapter Massimo Perna's handbook of Mycenology:

"The F and G Series: The Administration of Spices, Perfumed Oil, and Religious Offerings," in The Handbook of Mycenology, M. Perna, ed., Naples, forthcoming 2009.

and another chapter chapter on religion for Eric Cline's Oxford handbook on the Aegean Bronze Age:

"Bulls, Double Axes, and the Olympian Pantheon: Religion in the Bronze Age," in The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean (ca. 3000-1000 BCE), E.H. Cline, ed., Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Susan's book is finished, and in editing with the publisher (BAR):

Priests and Pence: The Role of the Religious Sector in the Economy of Late Bronze Age Mycenaean Greece, British Archaeological Reports, forthcoming 2008.


Regarding the Eastern Boeotia Archaeology Project (EBAP) Susan reports:

Last season we focused on the acropolis of Eleon, one of the locations mentioned on TH Ft 140 and by Homer in his Catalogue of Ships. We got loads of gorgeous Mycenaean pottery, and it's better quality than most of what has already been found in the area (according to O. Dickinson, with whom I've been consulting).

This coming season we'll be mapping the graves of Tanagra with the approval and strong encouragement of Vassilis Aravantinos. It's very exciting. My main responsibility is the pottery analysis, but, because of my experience on PRAP, I am in on all the field survey decisions too.

See the report that appeared in Teiresias in case you want to see more detail. [PDF]


October 5, 2008

Report on the Bennett and Kober Archives

PASP is happy to report that the archives of Emmett L. Bennett, Jr., Alice Elizabeth Kober, and Michael Ventris are now systematically archived and housed in proper archival materials so as to prevent their deterioration. Working from the base provided by Sue Trombley upon the Kober material, Christy Costlow here provides a description of the Bennett resources. You will see, that just as with Sue Trombley and Alice Kober, it is impossible to work with this material without being deeply touched by the human qualities of these two great scholars. Christy talks about how Bennett's deep commitment to scholarly truth and his corresponding courtesy toward neophytes and distinguished experts mixed with a playful humor and a wide range of interests outside of Aegean scripts.

I myself was amazed that Christy was able to identify Linear B tablets essentially as Kober and Bennett and Ventris had, pre-decipherment, just by the signs that were on them.


Christy Costlow in front of some of PASP's important books on Aegean scripts. She is holding the published version of Kober's dissertation on color terminology in Greek poetry.

Christy Costlow in front some of the 40+ boxes that she filled with carefully preserved, described and indexed Bennett and Ventris material.

Already this past summer for the entire month of May, 2008, Carlos Varias Garcia worked on the Mycenae material in PASP, in moving further along on what will be his definitive monograph on those texts.

Tom Palaima, Carlos Varias Garcia, Carolyn Palaima at the Cactus Cafe to hear legendary Texas singer songwriter Billy Joe Shaver. Note that Carlos is wearing a reminder that pickin' and singin' started with Homer.

Added a report on the visit by Jerry Eisenberg, editor of Minerva.

PASP would also like to assist in announcing the International Conference on the Phaistos Disk to be held in London, October 31- November 1, 2008. You can view the announcement here.

You can also read more about the Phaistos disk, as written by Jerry Eisenberg, here, with addenda, corrigenda, and comments here.

He writes further about art forgeries here.

PASP said goodbye and please, come back soon, to Christina Skelton, who is now in graduate school in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Tom Palaima and Christina Skelton on commencement day May 2008

Added a PDF of T. G. Palaima, "Mycenaean Religion," in C.W. Shelmerdine, ed., The Cambridge Companion to the Aegean Bronze Age (CUP 2008) 342-355, 358-361.

September 18, 2008

Added Palaima's February 21 editorial, "In a democracy, we must defend freedom of thought".

September 5, 2008

Palaima's September 4th Times Higher Education Cover Story, "The spark that tingled to my bones."
This can be found at the Times Higher Education website, in PDF form, or on our articles page.

Palaima's August 25th editorial, "Knowledge is its own reward".
Palaima's August 3th editorial, "Once, Cleveland capitalists weren't predators".
Palaima's July 25th editorial, "Stomping all over Americans (EXPANDED VERSION)".
Palaima's June 16th editorial, "The faculty council are imbeciles?".
June 15th piece, "Notable Central Texans remember their best Father's Day".
Palaima's June 15th editorial, "Understanding a father's love".

Palaima's review of J. Tatum's Always I Am Caesar
Palaima's review of David Milne's America's Rasputin: Walt Rostow and the Vietnam War

May 16, 2008

Added Palaima's May 15 editorial, "For the sake of our future, preserve the past".

May 7, 2008

Added a new piece on Col. Westhusing, "Letter to a Dead Colonel", by Alex E. Limkin. (at the top of the page)

Direct link to the Westhusing piece is here.

April 18, 2008

James Dawes will be speaking Monday April 21 5-7 PM in Calhoun 100 on the topic of "Storytelling and Human Rights."

His visit is sponsored by the Dickson Centennial Professorship in Classics, Department of English, the Humanities Institute and the Plan II Honors Program.

James Dawes is Associate Professor of English and American Literature and Founder and Director of the Program in Human Rights and Humanitarianism at Macalester University.

He is author of That the World May Know: Bearing Witness to Atrocity (Harvard University Press, 2007) and The Language of War: Literature and Culture in the United States from the Civil War through World War II (Harvard University Press, 2002).

Contact: Tom Palaima Classics

For reviews of Prof. Dawes' books see: and

April 17, 2008

Added a very nice piece on Palaima in the Spring 2008 issue of Burnt Orange, the UT student magazine. You can choose to view the high-quality (18.5 MB) version, or the smaller (4.03 MB) version.

Added Palaima's review of Anthony Pagden's Worlds at War: The 2,500-Year Struggle between East and West

Added Palaima's March 20 editorial, "Don't let hope cloud your judgment".
Added Palaima's April 14 editorial, "Airlines' excuses just won't fly".

March 9, 2008

Added Palaima's February 21 editorial, "Chief litmus test for politicians: Do they have, use compassion?".

February 8, 2008

Added Palaima's review of James Dawes' That the World May Know: Bearing Witness to Atrocity.

February 5, 2008

Added Palaima's January 31 editorial, "What we've lost in the Iraq War".

January 13, 2008

Added Palaima's January 11 piece on Willie Nelson, "Alive and singing the truth".

January 9, 2008

Happy (belated) New Year from everyone at PASP!

Christina Skelton's phylogenetic analysis of Linear B palaeography is now available in advance of publication on-line at:

The cost of putting it on-line on the PASP web site is a prohibitive $306. But if you are officially affiliated with a University library, most major libraries have institutional licenses with scientific journals like Archaeometry. You should be able to log on to your library and download a copy of the article. Otherwise it can be accessed on Blackwell's site for $29.00.


Phylogenetic systematics, developed in biology for reconstructing evolutionary histories of organisms, has been successfully applied to languages and manuscripts. This paper pioneers its use for writing systems, with Linear B, a pre-alphabetic Greek script, the test subject. Taxa represent scribal hands. Phylogenetic characters represent different forms of the same Linear B sign. The tree produced by running the data matrix using parsimony as the optimality criterion is consistent with and clarifies what is known or hypothesized about the history of Linear B. This demonstrates the effectiveness of using phylogenetic analysis to reconstruct the history of writing systems.


Added several editorials from the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008.

Added Palaima's review of Glenn Greenwald's A Tragic Legacy.

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