Amy Dill
University of Texas 208-A E. 34th St. Tel. (512) 471-5742
Department of Classics Austin, TX 78705 Fax (512) 471-4111
123 Waggener Hall Tel. (512) 481-1981 e-mail:
Austin, TX 78712


1997 University of Missouri at Columbia
B.A. in Art History and Archaeology
Highest honors.

1999 The Florida State University, Department of Classics
M.A. in Classical Archaeology
Master's thesis: Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Metallurgy: An Analysis of the Development of Southeast European and Northern Aegean Technology. Daniel J. Pullen, advisor.

1999-present        University of Texas at Austin, Department of Classics
Ph.D. candidate, Classical Archaeology

2003-2004 American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Regular Program

Archaeological Fieldwork

1998, summer       Cyprus, Idalion Excavations. Director: Pamela Gaber (University of Arizona).
Excavation, mapping and baulk drawing, training in trench supervision and pottery analysis.

2000, summer Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey (EKAS). Directors: Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University) and Daniel J. Pullen (Florida State University).
Artifact processing team member (in-field analysis and drawing, post-collection analysis).

2001, summer EKAS.
Artifact processing team leader.

2002, summer EKAS, study season.
Artifact processing.

2004, summer Eliki Preservation Project. Directors: Dora Katsonopoulou (Eliki Preservation Society) and Steven Soter (American Museum of Natural History, New York).
Trench supervisor in the Early Helladic II settlement.

2007, summer Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project (SHARP). Directors: Thomas Tartaron (University of Pennsylvania) and Daniel J. Pullen (Florida State University).
Director of the finds lab.

Papers and Publications

2002      with Daniel J. Pullen, Thomas F. Tartaron, Richard M. Rothaus and Dimitri Nakassis, "The Prehistory of the Eastern Korinthia," 103rd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Philadelphia, PA, 2002.
Abstract: AJA 106.2 (2002) 278-279.

2005-present Editor-in-chief, Studies in Mycenaean Inscriptions and Dialect.

Teaching and Related Experience
University of Missouri at Columbia

Research Intern
1996: studies of influences of Classical Greek and Roman texts upon Italian Renaissance art theory. Norman Land, mentor.

The Florida State University

Teaching Assistant
Fall 1997: Classical Mythology
Spring 1998: Greek and Latin Elements of the English Language

Graduate Instructor
Fall 1998: Classical Mythology
Spring 1999: Classical Mythology

University of Texas at Austin

Research Intern
Fall 1999-Spring 2000: topics in the Aegean Late Bronze Age; corrections to Pylos Regional Archaeological Project (PRAP) artifact database. Cynthia W. Shelmerdine, mentor.
Fall 2004: Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory

Teaching Assistant
Fall 2000, Fall 2006: History of Greece to the End of the Peloponnesian Wars, (leader of discussion sections)
Spring 2001: Introduction to Roman Culture
Spring 2006: Introduction to Greek Civilization

Graduate Instructor
Fall 2001, Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Spring 2005: Classical Mythology

Honors and Awards

1993-1997       Class honors, University of Missouri at Columbia

1996 McNair Scholars Program research internship, University of Missouri at Columbia

1997 Placed in Eta Sigma Phi Intermediate Level Greek Prose Reading Competition

1999-2000 Aegean Prehistory research internship, University of Texas at Austin

2002 William J. Battle Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Texas at Austin

2003 David Bruton Fellowship in recognition of prestigious outside awards, University of Texas at Austin

2003-2004 Fulbright-Hays Grant for study at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens

2003-2004 Declined annually-funded first year fellowship from the ASCSA in favor of Fulbright

Other Skills and Qualifications

Speaking and reading proficiency in French.
Limited speaking and reading ability in modern Greek.
Reading proficiency in Italian, German, Latin, ancient Greek, Linear B.

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