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The University of Texas at Austin, Classics [Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology], Ph.D. (forthcoming May 2005)
Dissertation:“The lãwãge(r)tãs, Ministerial Authority and Mycenaean Cultural Identity.” Committee members: Tom Palaima, Mark Southern, Cynthia Shelmerdine, Pierre Carlier and Paula Perlman.

The University of Melbourne, Master of Arts [Archaeology], 1994-1996
Thesis: "How Minoan was Akrotiri? The Architectural Evidence."
Adviser: Elizabeth Pemberton

The University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Arts - Honours [Archaeology & Modern Greek, 1989-1992
Thesis: "Early and Middle Helladic Burial Practices: Change or Continuity?"
Advisers: Elizabeth Pemberton and Jenny Webb.


'Animal Sacrifice in the Mycenaean World,' Journal of Prehistoric Religion 15 (2001) 11-31.

'The Cultural Make-up of Akrotiri,' in Liza Hopkins and Anna Parker (eds.). 2001. Archaeology of the Near East: An Australian Perspective. Sydney: Sydney University Archaeological Monographs Series, 55-62.

(forthcoming, in MINOS) REVIEW of Ilse Schoep. 2002. The Administration of Neopalatial Crete. A Critical Assessment of the Linear A Tablets and their Role in the Administrative Process. (MINOS Supplement No. 17). Salamanca (Spain): Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca.


Eleutherna, Crete, Greece. Geometric-Archaic cemetery. Director: Nikolaos Stampolidis (University of Crete, Rethymnon - Crete, Greece).
Excavator, 2001; 1993.

Sos Höyük, Erzurum, Turkey. Multi-period habitation site. Director: Antonio Sagona (Melbourne University, Australia).
Trench Supervisor, Early-Middle Bronze Age levels, 1999; 1997; Hellenistic deposit, 1995.

Buangor, Victoria, Australia. Historical site with European and Aboriginal artifacts. Director: Nathan Wolski, Ph.D. candidate (Melbourne University, Australia).
Excavator, 1998.

Marki-Alonia, Cyprus. Early-Middle Bronze Age settlement. Directors: David Frankel and Jenny Webb (La Trobe University, Australia).
Excavator, 1993-1994.


Accelerated Beginners' Latin, UT-Austin, Fall 2003.
Modern Greek (sequence of 4 classes, Beginners' (1st year) - Intermediate (2nd year): language [reading, writing, listening comprehension and conversation skills], history, literature [poetry and prose]), UT-Austin, Fall 2000 - Spring 2003.
Introduction to Archaeology, Melbourne University, 1997.


Co-organizer of U.T. Linguistic Circle fortnightly, interdisciplinary Lecture series (talks by faculty, graduate students, visiting scholars). Fall 2003 - present.

Assistant / Mycenaean specialist on the collaborative project between PASP and the Digital Information Services of the General Libraries and the Graduate School of Information, University of Texas, on digitizing the letters of Michael Ventris (decipherer of Linear B). Summer 2003.

Contributor to, and editorial assistant for, the on-going PASP publication of Studies in Mycenaean Inscriptions and Dialect (SMID) in the vols. 1982-83, 1994-95, 1996-97 published 1998, 1999, 2001 respectively.


Minoan & Mycenaean society - especially architecture, socio-political & economic organization (as constructed from archaeological and inscriptional evidence), cultural identity and interaction in the Bronze Age Aegean, Identity in the archaeological record, Linear B texts; Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures; Indo-European Linguistics; Modern Greek language, literature & music (especially Folksongs & Rebetika).

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