Thomas G. Palaima
July 2006

Raymond F. Dickson Centennial Professor of Classics BIRTH: October 6, 1951 Cleveland, Ohio
Director, Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory TEL: (512) 471-8837 or 471-5742 HOME: (512) 371-7739
University of Texas at Austin CLASSICS E-MAIL:
1 University Station C3400                 
Austin, TX 78712-0308 FAX: 512 471-4111   WEB:

Education/Degrees:    University of Uppsala, Ph.D. honoris causa 1994
University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. (Classics) 1980
American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) 1976-77, 1979-80
ASCSA Excavation at Ancient Corinth April-July 1977
Boston College, B.A. (Mathematics and Classics) 1973
Goethe Institute, W. Germany 1973

POSITIONS:    Raymond F. Dickson Centennial Professor and Director of PASP, Dept. of Classics, UT Austin, 1991-
Chair, Dept. of Classics, UT Austin, 1994-1998
Cooperating Faculty, Center for Middle Eastern Studies 1991-
Visiting Professor, University of Uppsala April-May 1992, May 1998 visitor 1994, 1999, 2004
Fulbright Gastprofessor, Institut für alte Geschichte, University of Salzburg, 1992-93
Associate Professor, Dickson Fellow and Director of PASP, Dept. of Classics, UT Austin 1986-1991
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Classics, Fordham University 1980-1986





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ADDITIONAL LECTURES: AIA Westchester May 23, 2006, USMA West Point (10/15-19/03: Morality and Group Cohesion Ancient and Modern: 2 class lectures and 1 seminar), University of Missouri-St. Louis (11/11/02: How and Why Mycenaean Scribes Wrote on Clay), Classics Collquium UT Austin (09/27/01: The Man Who Deciphered Linear B: A BBC Broadcast with Commentary), Town and Gown (03/01/01: Bronze Age Writing and Bureaucracy), The Tuesday Club (01/16/01: Joint Discussion on the Decline of Athens and the Decline of the Weimar Republic), UT Lamp (10/26/99: "The Humanities in the UT Corporation"), Episcopal School of Dallas (4/28/99), University of Uppsala (5-18-98), University of Lund (5-11-98 / 6-2-94), University of Göteborg (5-12-98), Trinity University (3-28-96), International Greek Folklore Society Los Angeles (5-7-94), Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC (1-11 and 1-12/92), New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium (5-7-98/ 1-9-91 / 3-4-87 / 2-15-84 / 2-4-81), UT San Antonio (4-12-91), Cornell University (2-6-90), University of Indiana (9-27-89), Wabash College (9-25-89), ASCSA New York / Athens (11-03-88 / 4-17-80), Case Western Reserve University (2-26-87), University of Michigan (2-17-87), Fordham University FBK (5-16-86), Montclair State College (5-7-86), Smith College (4-29-86), Dartmouth College (2-20-86), University of Texas at Austin (10-29-85), New York University Institute of Fine Arts (4-26-85), Hunter College (3-27-85 and 10-17-84), New School for Social Research (3-5-85), University of Wisconsin—Madison (2-19-85), William and Mary (11-27-84), Bryn Mawr College (3-26-82)

Topics: Minoan Linear A; Bronze Age economy, trade and administration; Mycenaean epigraphy, archives, linguistics, decipherment techniques and literacy; Mycenaean-Minoan kingship and religion; methods of research in history and prehistory; syllabic-alphabetic writing and oral tradition; literaure and myths of warfare.


Lecture Titles: 1 "Discoveries of and through Mycenaean Texts" 2 "Mycenaean Archives and Literacy" 3 "The First European Bureaucrats: Scribes at Work in Mycenaean Palaces" 4 "Linear A: Data from an Undeciphered Script?" 5 "Materials for Mycenaean Writing" 6 "The Homeric Question: Mycenaean Studies and George Grote's 'Independent Evidence'" 7 "Cattle in the Mycenaean Landscape" 8 "Food for the Gods. What Food? What Gods?" 9 "The Human Element in the Mycenaean Bronze Age: Linear B Tablet-Writers"

CHAIR / RESPONDENT: AIA-APA Annual Meetings, San Diego, 01/05/01: Emmett L. Bennett, Jr. Gold Medal Colloquium
AIA-APA Annual Meetings, Dallas, 12-30-99: Prehistoric Aegean: "Cretan Prehistory"
AIA-APA Annual Meetings, NYC, 12-29-87: Prehistoric Aegean: "Late Bronze Age"
6th International Colloquium on Aegean Prehistory, Athens, Greece, 9-5-87: "Script and Language"
AIA-APA Annual Meetings, San Antonio, 12-30-86: Aegean Archaeology II: "Fieldwork in the Aegean"
STS International Conference, New York, 4-21-83: Plenary Session "Scholia, Marginalia and Annotation"



Archaeological Institute of America, American Philological Association, Comité International Permanent des Études Mycéniennes, Classical Association of the Midwest and South, The Philosophical Society of Texas, Town and Gown, Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi, Fulbright Alumni Association, ASCSA Alumni Association, Friends of CAARI, Texas Association of College Teachers (TACT)

OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: regular reviewing for journals, monograph series and books; regular promotion and tenure case reviews




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