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THE PASP Archives include primary source materials of early researchers in Linear B such as Alice Kober and Michael Ventris. Finding aids for these collections are now available online; links to the Word and PDF versions are listed below.

The Ventris material consists mainly of letters that Mr. Ventris sent to Emmett L. Bennett, Jr. and Alice E. Kober, and photocopies of correspondence with Sir John Myres (courtesy of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford). A pilot project to digitize selected letters of Ventris is now underway in cooperation with the Digital Library Services Division-Digitization Center of the General Libraries.  PASP thanks Mark McFarland, Chad Hutchens, Uri Kolodney, Aaron Choate, Maria Esteva, Sue Trombley, Stephie Nikoloudis and Kevin Pluta for their participation in this project. Funding has come from the Institute for Aegean Prehistory and the Dickson Centennial Professorship.

The Ventris materials have long been stored in acid-free conditions and the paper on which most of the letters were written, in Ventris' elegant architectural hand, was of good quality and the ink is still strong.

A sample selection of digitized Ventris letters is available for viewing here. Please be aware that that this project is still underway and that these images are not to be used for scholarly purposes without the express permission of PASP.

During academic year 2003-2004, the Kober materials were professionally indexed and archived, and stored in better conditions for preservation, by Sue Trombley of the School of Information here at UT Austin. The major part of the Kober collection consists of ca. 186,000 'cigarette-carton' note cards, each hand cut from notebook and other kinds of paper. Ms. Kober used different inks as she edited the dense notes on each card. Some of the fountain pen ink is now badly fading. It is in great need of digitizing, since scholarly interest in Ms. Kober's work has increased following the anniversary of the decipherment of Linear B in 2002 and the inevitable comparison of Ms. Kober's contribution to it and that of Rosalind Franklin to the discovery of DNA.

PASP is also fortunate to keep photocopies of Ms. Kober's correspondence with Sir John Myres (courtesy of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford), photocopies of the correspondence of Arne Furumark with Ventris (courtesy of the University of Uppsala), and Ms. Kober's offprints and unpublished scholarly papers and drafts. Ms. Kober gave this material to Emmett L. Bennett, Jr. in the months preceding her death and instructed her brother to give the remaining materials to Prof. Bennett. Professor Bennett gave these materials to Prof. Palaima who retains ownership of them.

PASP also houses the offprint collection of Emmett. L. Bennett, Jr., likewise given to Prof. Palaima who retains ownership, as well as valuable works of scholarship with annotations by such figures as the late Leonard R. Palmer, purchased by Prof. Palaima.

Michael Ventris Papers Finding Aid: Word PDF
Alice E. Kober Papers Finding Aid: Word PDF

For images of select materials from the Kober collection, click here.

Please be sure to take a look at Tom Palaima and Sue Trombley's editorial on Alice Kober.

A student of Alice Kober's at Brooklyn College writes about the passion Kober inspired from great books and her career of using them at St. John's Annapolis: