2006 Hamilton Book Author Awards

Grand Prize Winner

  • Dr. L. Michael White, Department of Classics, College of Liberal Arts
    “From Jesus to Christianity: How Four Generations of Visionaries & Storytellers Created the New Testament and Christian Faith”
    Harper Collins


  • Dr. Eric V. Anslyn, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Natural Sciences,
    and Dr. Dennis Dougherty, California Institute of Technology
    “Modern Physical Organic Chemistry”
    University Science Books
  • Dr. Neil Kamil, Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
    “Fortress of the Soul: Violence, Metaphysics, and Material Life in the Huguenots’ New World, 1517-1751”
    Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Dr. Jeffrey L. Meikle, departments of American Studies and Art and Art History, colleges of Liberal Arts and Fine Arts
    “Design in the USA”
    Oxford University Press
  • Dr. Paul B. Woodruff, Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts
    “First Democracy: The Challenge of an Ancient Idea”
    Oxford University Press