2007 Hamilton Book Author Awards

Grand Prize Winner

  • Evan Carton, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts
    “Patriotic Treason: John Brown and the Soul of America”
    Free Press


  • James W. Daniel and Leslie J. F. Vaaler, Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences
    “Mathematical Interest Theory”
    Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Mark D. Metzler, Departments of History and Asian Studies, College of Liberal Arts
    “Lever of Empire: The International Gold Standard and the Crisis of Liberalism in Prewar Japan”
    University of California Press
  • Julia L. Mickenberg, Department of American Studies, College of Liberal Arts
    “Learning from the Left: Children’s Literature, the Cold War, and Radical Politics in the United States”
    Oxford University Press
  • Robert C. Solomon (1942-2007), Department of Philosophy, College of Liberal Arts
    “Dark Feelings, Grim Thoughts: Experience and Reflection in Camus and Sartre”
    Oxford University Press