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The Office of Research Support (ORS) does not administer or oversee HOP policy 5-2011 or training related to the policy. ORS administers HOP policy 7-1210, “Promoting Objectivity in Research by Managing, Reducing or Eliminating Financial Conflicts of Interest” so if you conduct research and have:

  1. Not submitted a Financial Interest Disclosure (FID), you will need to complete mandatory training and file a FID. Instructions for completing these requirements are located at
  2. Previously submitted a FID, you are not required to complete additional training nor re-disclose the same information to comply with the UTS 180/HOP 5-2011 policy requirements.   However, you may have other responsibilities under that policy.

HOP policy 5-2011 QUESTIONS? Contact the Provost’s Office or call Mike Kerker, Associate Vice Provost at (512) 471-2694.

Departmental Review Committee (DRC) Contacts

DRC Chair and Contact Information
Department Campus
Accounting (McCombs School of Business) B6400 Lisa L. Koonce 471-3317 llk8888
Advertising A1200 Michael Mackert 471-8558 msm2326
Anthropology C3200 Ronald Covey 232-2084 rc39628
Art/Art History D1300 Melinda Mayer 471-5319 mayermm
Asian Studies G9300 Martha Selby 475-6040 selbym
Charles A. Dana Center D9000 Angela M Bush-Richards 471-9226 busham
Communication Sciences and Disorders A1100 Barbara L. Davis 471-1929 davisbl
Counseling and Mental Health Center A3500 Chris Brownson 475-6990 cbrownso
Curriculum and Instruction D5700 James P. Barufaldi 232-6203 jpb232
Disability Studies, Texas Center for L4000 Penny Seay 232-0745 seaypc
Economics C3100 Jason Abrevaya 475-8527 ja8294
Educational Administration D5700 Randy Bomer 232-5182 bomerr1
Educational Psychology D5800 Toni L. Falbo 471-8384 falbotl
Engineering, Biomedical C0800 H. Grady Rylander 471-1995 hgr348
Engineering, Electrical/Computer C0803 Ahmed H. Tewfik 471-6179 at25293
Engineering, Mechanical C2200 Ron E. Barr 471-3008 barrre
English B5500 Davida H. Charney 471-8746 dcharney
Finance (McCombs School of Business) B6600 Jay C. Hartzell 471-6779 jhartzel
Foreign Language Education D6500 Elaine Horwitz 232-4108 ekh444
Geography and the Environment A3100 Rebecca Torres 471-5116 rt7296
Germanic Studies C3300 Per Urlaub 232-4355 pku58
Government A1800 Bethany Albertson 232-7276 ba6392
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health F1700 Rick Ybarra 471-9154 ry2269
Human Development and Family Sciences A2702 Theodore HBethany Albertson. Dix 471-4912 dixth
IC2 F0500 James B. Kellison 475-7813 gorby
Information, School of D8600 Lynn Westbrook 232-7831 jlw548
IROM B6500 Sirkka Jarvenpaa 471-1751 jarvenpa
Journalism A1000 Tom Johnson 232-3831 tj4372
Kinesiology and Health Education D3700 Matt Brothers 232-6016 rb29867
Latin American Studies, Teresa Lozano Long Institute of B3700 Lorraine Leu None ll22275
LBJ School of Public Affairs E2700 Peter Ward 471-6302 wardp
Liberal Arts Honor Program G6210 Larry Carver 471-3458 carverld
Linguistics B5100 Anthony Woodbury 471-1701 acw53
Management (McCombs School of Business) B6300 James Fredrickson 471-5694 jwf47
Marketing B6700 Linda Golden 471-1126 llg1988
McCombs School of Business, Academic Affairs B6600 Laura Starks 471-5899 lstarks
Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (MCPER) D4900 Marilyn C. Kameen 471-7255 kameenmc
Music E3100 Robert A. Duke 471-0972 bobduke
Nursing D0100 Donna Lynn Rew 471-7941 rewdl
Nutritional Sciences A2703 Jeanne H. Freeland-Graves 471-0657 jfg2
Pharmacy A1930 Jamie Barner 471-5612 jbarner
Plan II Honors Program D5400 Richard Reddick 471-7551 rjr88
Population Research Center A1700 Alexander Weinreb 471-0437 aw22665
Portuguese B3700 Almeida J. Toribio 471-4936 ajt95
Psychology A8000 W. T. Maddox 475-8494 maddox
Radio-Television-Film A0800 Sharon L. Strover 471-6652 sls1917
Ray Marshall Center R1300 Greg B Cumpton 471-2377 gbc86
Sanger Learning and Career Center D7300 Pamela J Way 475-8723 wynama
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education D5700 James P. Barufaldi 471-7354 jpb232
Social Work, School of D3500 Carol M. Lewis 471-9219 lewiscm
Sociology A1700 Alexander Weinreb 471-0437 aw22665
Spanish B3700 Almeida J. Toribio 471-4936 ajt95
Special Education D5300 Terry Falcomata 471-4161 tf4877
Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) R8700 Daniel C. Stanzione 475-9411 ds33639
Theatre and Dance D3900 Susan Mickey 232-5323 sem677
University of Texas Libraries S5400 Catherine Hamer 495-4321 ch2989