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The Office of Research Support (ORS) does not administer or oversee HOP policy 5-2011 or training related to the policy. ORS administers HOP policy 7-1210, “Promoting Objectivity in Research by Managing, Reducing or Eliminating Financial Conflicts of Interest” so if you conduct research and have:

  1. Not submitted a Financial Interest Disclosure (FID), you will need to complete mandatory training and file a FID. Instructions for completing these requirements are located at
  2. Previously submitted a FID, you are not required to complete additional training nor re-disclose the same information to comply with the UTS 180/HOP 5-2011 policy requirements.   However, you may have other responsibilities under that policy.

HOP policy 5-2011 QUESTIONS? Contact the Provost’s Office or call Mike Kerker, Associate Vice Provost at (512) 471-2694.

Step by Step Tips

The following sections provide help and tips for filling out each portion of the IRB application. **Note, required questions on the IRB Application are highlighted and marked with an asterisk.

students_studying_on_lawnIRB Application Step 1: Title, Type of Review, PI Info

All items in this section are required except for the question on prior IRB review. The PI UT EID is required since many researchers do not fill out the IRB Application themselves.

IRB Application - Step 2: Researcher Info, Conflict of Interest

Once you enter the UT EIDs for Key Researchers (co-investigators), the system will verify if they have Researcher Training Verifications on file. The system will also let the user know if any of the personnel listed on this page - including the DRC and Faculty Sponsor, do not have high-assurance UT EIDs (required to "sign-off"(verify study participation)).

Many departments on campus REQUIRE faculty sponsor and DRC sign-off prior to submission to the Office of Research Support. To see who your DRC is visit our DRC Listing page.

The user can elect to send emails to all study participants. This email lets the participants know that they have a study to verify and gives them a link to a listing page to view all their associated studies.

The Conflict of Interest items are all required.

IRB Application - Steps 3 and 4: Study Population, Subject Participation, Informed Consent and Location

These two pages of the application ask the user to provide details about the study itself. The application requests the type of data collected on subjects. It also asks for the location of the study and if any types of medications will be used.

IRB Application- Step 5: Financial/Material Support, Subject Compensation and Incentives

The OSP number refers back to the protocol for the Office of Sponsored Projects.

IRB Application - Step 6: Additional Documentation

The user must upload additional documentation. At the very least a research protocol should be uploaded. The user selects the document type from the dropdown menu and then clicks the "Browse" button to browse the machine he/she is using for the documents. The user may add a comment to upload to the database to go with the title of the document.


Title: consent_form.doc

Comment: Form given to all subjects prior to participating in study

Additionally, the user can view a listing of all documentation already attached to a specific study.

IRB Summary Page

Displays a summary of all study information for a study number. Key Personnel/Co-Investigators, Faculty Sponsors, and Department Review Chairs verify study participation using this page.