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The Office of Research Support (ORS) does not administer or oversee HOP policy 5-2011 or training related to the policy. ORS administers HOP policy 7-1210, “Promoting Objectivity in Research by Managing, Reducing or Eliminating Financial Conflicts of Interest” so if you conduct research and have:

  1. Not submitted a Financial Interest Disclosure (FID), you will need to complete mandatory training and file a FID. Instructions for completing these requirements are located at
  2. Previously submitted a FID, you are not required to complete additional training nor re-disclose the same information to comply with the UTS 180/HOP 5-2011 policy requirements.   However, you may have other responsibilities under that policy.

HOP policy 5-2011 QUESTIONS? Contact the Provost’s Office or call Mike Kerker, Associate Vice Provost at (512) 471-2694.

IACUC Update

IACUC Update April 2015

IACUC Update Volume 8, Issue 7, April 2015. In this issue:

Semi-Annual Facility Evaluations: This Week and Next Week

The semi-annual evaluations of all the University’s animal facilities will occur from April 1 through April 14, 2015. This process involves an examination of all areas where animals are used or housed for teaching, research, and/or testing.

A complete schedule is attached to this newsletter. Unfortunately, the IACUC will be unable to provide specific times within each evaluation window for individual laboratories. Checklists to help you prepare are available on the “Documents, Materials, and Forms” page of the IACUC website.

Requirements for Cage Identification - Reminder

As per the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (2011): Identification cards should include the source of the animal, the strain or stock, names and contact information for responsible investigator(s), pertinent dates, and protocol number when applicable (p. 75)

At a minimum, cage cards must contain the protocol number and investigator name. The information on the cards must be kept current. If animals are transferred to another protocol or if the protocol expires and is replaced by a new one, the number on the card must be changed to reflect the new protocol number. When the third-year resubmission of a protocol is approved, the old number is considered expired, and all cage cards must be updated with the new protocol number.

For more information on current requirements for cage identification, please refer to the ARC guidance document “Cage Identification Requirements” on the ARC website:

World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL)

This year’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL)/World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week is being observed from April 18-26. No specific details about planned campus activities have been announced, but it is expected that student organizations (or off-campus anti-research organizations invited to campus by the student groups) will protest at the Mall and possibly along the Dean Keeton / Speedway / ARC route.

There may be media inquiries during this time. As always, media relations personnel in the University Communications office (512-471-3151) can help you verify the authenticity of the reporter’s claims regarding representation before you engage with the caller. The Media Relations group can also assist you with preparing for interviews. Media experts strongly recommend that laboratories using animals prepare and keep on hand brief statements regarding the benefit to human and animal health of their ongoing experimental studies. Contact the Public Affairs Representative for your College/School/Unit (available at):

If you have questions, you can contact Glen Otto, Director, Animal Resources Center, at 471-2392 or, for media issues, Gary Susswein, Director of Media Relations at 471-4945 or

The University of Texas Police Department (UTPD) is responsible for responding to any concerns about personal safety, property damage, or possible illegal activities during this time. DIAL 911 OR (512) 471-4441 TO REPORT AN INCIDENT OR CONCERN TO UTPD.

Upcoming IACUC Meeting and Deadline

The next IACUC Full Committee Review (FCR) is May 4, 2015.
The deadline to submit a new protocol or third-year resubmission is April 10, 2015.

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