Read the latest Friends of TARL Newsletter: Dec. 2011

Friends of TARL

For over 40 years, TARL has played a central role in the study of Texas archeology. In 1992, TARL initiated the Friends of TARL program to provide badly needed support for our research projects and public outreach efforts. Members are dedicated to the study and preservation of our cultural heritage. Some of the goals, publications, and sponsored activities include:

  • Support for an ongoing program of site visits and collections research.
  • Contribution toward new or special equipment to improve TARL's research and documentation goals, such as the digital microscopy laboratory.
  • Small grants especially for students for special studies, such as radiocarbon dating, trace element and isotope research, and palynological and geomorphological analyses.
  • Sponsored publications such as Chapters in the History of Texas Archeology: Selected Papers by E. Mott Davis (1998) which was supported in part by the Friends of TARL.
  • Contribution of 10% of membership donations to the newly established TARL Endowment Fund.

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