Research in Western China and Tibet by David B. Madsen

Multi-disciplinary Books and Monographs
2004 Entering America: Northeast Asia and Beringia Before the Last Glacial Maximum (ed.) University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.
2003 Abrupt Holocene Environmental Changes in Arid Central Asia – History and Mechanisms (assoc. ed., with Chen F. and others). Chinese Science Bulletin 48(14). Science in China Press, Beijing.

Paleoenvironmental Research – Journal Articles and Book Chapters
2003 A mid-Holocene drought interval as evidenced by lake desiccation in the Alashan Plateau, Inner Mongolia (with Chen F. and others). Chinese Science Bulletin 48(14): 1401-1428. (1.4 MB pdf)
2003 Late Pleistocene/Holocene wetland events recorded in southeast Tengger Desert lake sediments, NW China (with Chen F. and others). Chinese Science Bulletin 48(14): 1423-1410. (689k pdf)
2002 Lake evolution of the terminal area of Shiyang River drainage in arid China since the last glaciation (with Shi Q. and others). Quaternary International 93-94: 31-44. (422k pdf)
2002 Pollen Assemblage Features of Modern Water Samples from the Shiyang River Drainage, Arid China (with Zhu Y. and others). Acta Botanica Sinica 44: 367-373. (314k pdf)
2002 The environmental signal of an early Holocene pollen record from Shiyang River basin lake sediments, NW China (with Zhu Y. and Chen F.). Chinese Science Bulletin 47(4): 267-273. (341k pdf)
1998 The Loess/Paleosol Record and the Nature of the Younger Dryas Climate in Central China (with Li J. and others). Geoarchaeology 13: 847-869. (806k pdf)

Archaeological Research– Journal Articles and Book Chapters
2005 The transition to agriculture in Northwestern China (with R.L. Bettinger and others). In, I. Kuijt and W.C. Prentiss (eds.), Food Systems and Power Structures among Intermediate Scale Societies, Tuscon: University of Arizona Press (in press).
2004 The Initial Upper Paleolithic at Shuidonggou, Northwest China (with P.J. Brantingham and others). In, P.J. Brantingham, S.L. Kuhn and K.W. Kerry (eds.), The Early Upper Paleolithic Beyond Western Europe, pp. 223-241. Berkeley: University of California Press.
2003 Human Occupation in the Beringian “Mammoth Steppe”: Starved for Fuel, or Dung-Burner’s Paradise (with D. Rhode and others)? Current Research in the Pleistocene 20: 68-70. (196k pdf)
2003 Speculation on the timing and nature of Late Pleistocene hunter-gatherer colonization of the Tibetan Plateau (with P.J. Brantingham and others). Chinese Science Bulletin 48(14): 1510-1516. (178k pdf)
2002 New 14C dates for Shuidonggou and Related Discussions (with Gao X. and others). Acta Anthropologica Sinica (Ren Lei Xue Bao) 21: 211-218 (in Chinese). (460k pdf)
2001 Dating Shuidonggou and the Upper Paleolithic blade industry in North China (with Li J. and others). Antiquity 75: 706-716. (1.2 MB pdf)
1997 New Dates for the North China Mesolithic (with R.G. Elston and others). Antiquity 71: 985-993.
1996 Settlement Patterns Reflected in Assemblages from the Pleistocene/Holocene Transition of North Central China (with R.G. Elston and others). Journal of Archaeological Science 23(2): 217-232. (249k pdf)
1995 Late Paleolithic-Early Neolithic Settlement Assemblage Changes in North Central China (with R.G. Elston and R.L. Bettinger). Kaogu 7: 1013-1027, in Chinese.
1994 Prehistoric Settlement Categories and Settlement Systems in the Alashan Desert of Inner Mongolia (with R.L. Bettinger and R.G. Elston). Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 13: 74-101. (1.2MB pdf)
1990 Transitional Paleolithic-Neolithic Settlement and Subsistence in Alashan League, Western Inner Mongolia (with R.L. Bettinger and others). Current Research in the Pleistocene 7: 1-3.

Mapping surface sites in Tengger Desert dune blowouts, western Inner Mongolia

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Sampling lake sediments on the northern Tibetan Plateau