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Performance Based Maintenance Contract Seminar and Peer Exchange

Performance Based Maintenance Contract Seminar and Peer Exchange
March 19-21, 2007 - San Antonio, TX

The Performance Based Maintenance Contract Seminar and Peer Exchange, held on March 19-21, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas, focused on performance based maintenance contracts.  Seminar and workshop proceedings included case studies from various state DOTs, a workshop on developing performance measures for contracts, a performance based maintenance contracting short course, and presentation of the recently completed NCHRP synthesis of international performance based contracting practices. Sponsors of the seminar and workshops included the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHTO), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Transportation Research Board (TRB), and Texas Pavement Preservation Center (TPPC).

To view the introduction video to the seminar, click here.

Seminar proceedings videos (Note: Videos are Internet Explorer compatible only):

1. Module 1-2 - "Course Overview and Introduction to Performance-Based Contracting for Maintenance"

Module 4-5 - "Project Selection and Funding" and "Developing and Testing Performance Measures"

Module 6 - "Defining a Performance Measurement Methodology"

Module 8 - "Choosing a Contractor"

Module 9 - "Contract Start-Up and Managing the Contract"

Module 10 - "Closing Out the Contract and Planning for Follow-On Efforts"

Module 11 - "Summary, Feedback and Adjourn"

2. Bob Seyvani - "2005 Hurricane Season's Effect on Rest Area Performance-Based Contracts"

3. Michael Trickey - "Performance-Based Contracts Ontario, Canada Experience"

4. Mike Sprayberry - "Asset Maintenance Performance-Based Contracting - Re-Tooling Disaster Responses"

5. Marshall Stivers - "Successful Contracts and Reduced Claims"

6. Lonnie Watkins - "Performance-Based Maintenance Contracting"

7. Robert Prezioso - "Performance-Based Maintenance Contracting in Virginia"

8. Ted Farragut - "AMOTIA, Inc"

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