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2007 Pavement Preservation Seminar Videos

2007 Pavement Preservation Seminar
October 9-10, 2007 - Austin, TX

Presented in Conjunction with the 24rd Annual AGC of Texas Trade & Equipment Show

The 2007 Pavement Preservation Seminar was held at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX on Monday and Tuesday, October 8-9, in conjunction with the 24th Annual AGC of Texas Trade & Equipment Show.  The seminar was co-sponsored by the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association (AEMA), the Associated General Contractors of Texas (AGCTX), The Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP2), the Texas Pavement Preservation Center (TPPC) and the University of Texas Center for Lifelong Engineering Education (CLEE).  The seminar offered academic presentations on a variety of pavement preservation-related topics, including chip seals, characterization and selection of HMA mixes for thin asphalt overlays, the history and future of pavement preservation, and the use of the Ultra High-pressure Watercutter for restoring friction values to a roadway.  Additionally, the seminar offered several panels with a number of expert speakers discussing such subjects as binder issues, aggregate issues, seal coat practices, and micro surfacing and slurry seals.

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1. Bill O'Leary - "Asphalt Chip Seal Binders"

2. Bill O'Leary - "Chip Seals"

3. Berry Dunn - "Microsurfacing"

4. Caroline Herrera - "Seal Coats: A Great Preservation Strategy"

5. Darlene Goehl - "Binder Selection"

6. James Sorenson - "Pavement Preservation"

7. Lubinda Walubita - "Selection and Characterization of HMA Mixes for Thin Asphalt Overlays"

8. Lita Davis - "An Overview of Best Practices in Seal Coat Costructability using a Systematic Approach"

9. Lita Davis - "Performance-Based Specifications on Chip Seal Projects"

10. Paul Montgomery - "Microsurfacing"

11. Pierre Peltier - "Microsurfacing"

12. "Life Cycle Cost Comparison of Strip Sealing and the Ultra-High Pressure Watercutting Technique for Restoring Skid Resistance on Low-Volume Roads"

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