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First National Conference on Roadway Pavement Preservation
October 31 - November 1, 2005

Transportation Research Board (TRB), a division of the National Research Council that serves as an independent advisor to the federal government on scientific and technical questions of national importance, organized the First National Conference on Roadway Pavement Preservation in conjunction with joint sessions. The conference was held in Kansas City, Missouri on October 31-November 3, 2005.

Representing the Texas Pavement Preservation Center at the conference was Dr. Yetkin Yildirim, P.E. from the Center for Transportation Research. Also attending were Zane L. Webb, P.E., Director of the TxDOT Maintenance Division, and Joe Graff, P.E., deputy director for the TxDOT Maintenance Division. Dr. Yildirim submitted a paper, included in the conference proceedings: “Pavement Preservation Training in Texas.” Using the current initiatives used by UT’s Center for Transportation Research as his model, Dr. Yildirim described in his paper the available ways of disseminating information about preventive pavement maintenance, identified groups that should be targeted for training, and presented the viable and available training options.

The First National Conference on Roadway Pavement Preservation addressed all aspects of successfully implemented roadway pavement preservation activities, including management, engineering, economics, the establishment of strategic performance goals, and the implementation of routine maintenance, preventive maintenance, and minor rehabilitation activities. The contents of the conference were divided according to the network and project levels. The papers and presentations represented in those parts were on surfaced and unsurfaced roadway pavement program network and project treatment characteristics. All the papers from the conference were published together in the Transportation Research Circular in October 2005, issue number E-C078, and are also available as a downloadable PDF file at http://www.trb.org/conferences/preservation-asset/Program.zip.

The conference provided a great opportunity to share information, acquire new skills, and tap into the growing network of asset management professionals. In particular, it offered a unique opportunity for transportation professionals from areas in government, academia, and consulting to gain a more comprehensive understanding of roadway pavement preservation.

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